Practical cheerleading fundraisers ideas

Many organizations, like parents and teacher associations, search for various fundraising ideas to support the school cheerleading groups. Generally, cheerleaders need some funds to assist their needs, such as uniforms and other necessities throughout the year.  This creates the need for cheerleading fundraisers ideas

Fundraising ideas gives a way to support the financial burden of the cheerleading squad. These various ideas can help them to participate in different cheerleading programs.

Here, we are going to discuss two of the most common types of fundraising ideas; traditional and non-traditional fundraising activities. These ideas can be implemented with the support of the cheerleading squad.

Traditional Fundraising Activities

One of the advantages of traditional methods is familiarity with the community. You can incorporate the usual fundraising activities to your cheerleading group activities to bring fun to everyone. If the squad performs various fundraising systems every year, people will be encouraged to provide funds to support the team.  For the best fundraising ideas, check out Fundraising Zone.

  1. Selling raffle tickets

Most of the schools won’t allow selling raffle tickets to people. However, some schools are now absorbing this simple fundraising idea. The reason is it can generate secure funds for your non-profit organization.

Cheerleading squads can sell raffle tickets to their friends, family, and relatives. The cost of each ticket depends on the prize. You can sell one or two dollars each ticket for a chance to win a restaurant dinner certificate or a grocery package for the whole family.

  1. Selling a Candles

Selling candles is one of the most common traditional fundraiser activities you can implement to your cheerleading members. But before anything else, ensure that all collected funds will be transferred directly to the school organization, particularly to the cheerleading groups.

To raise some funds for the squads, you need to coordinate with the companies that supply different kinds of candles. Next, encourage your cheerleaders to sell and create a sales pitch that can captivate customers to purchase the said products.

Offer different candle sizes so that customers have a chance to select whatever candles they need. Make sure that the candles have a scented smell to attract more buyers.

  1. Offer a Car Wash Activity

Some local businesses in your community allow cheer squads to conduct a car wash activity to their property—cheerleading squads requesting for any donations in exchange for servicing and cleaning customers’ cars.

To set up this exciting car wash program, you need the following.

  • A workforce like pep-squad that will serve as the car cleaners
  • Cleaning materials like a water hose, a bucket, cloth, and tire black
  • A large venue to execute the program, and
  • A water supply that will aid you in cleaning the customer’s vehicle.

Nontraditional Fundraising Activities

Pep-squads sometimes execute creative fundraising ideas to make things fresh and unique. You can try the below impressions to create some change of pace:

  1. Selling a Portrait

Selling a portrait can generate some profit for your squad. To execute this kind of fundraising idea, you will need a group of artists in your school. Next, gather them in one place to create different types of their masterpiece through drawing.

Once the drawings are completed, the next thing you will do is advertise the event in the form of flyers or posters.

To generate profit, charge a considerable fee for the admission. Next, raise the cost of each portrait using an auction. Lastly, you can create an extra income by making a cheerleading program that celebrates the winners of the portrait auctions.

  1. Garage Sale

Gather your pep-squads, families, and other students to donate their unwanted items like clothes, shoes, and bags. The collate items will then transfer for a garage sale. It is an effective way to convert one person’s junk to become another person’s treasure.

Make sure to advertise a week or two in advance. The collected funds will go directly to your non-profit organization, which is the cheerleading group.

  1. Cheerleading Class

You can teach necessary cheerleading activities to the young students for a minimum fee. Offer the kids different cheerleading techniques and moves. Afterward, create small programs for their parents. Don’t forget to charge an entrance fee to have more monetary funds.

Building a cheerleading class is an effective way to raise the team spirit and involvement of the younger generations. Not only that, it is also a better way to generate some funds for your association.

Paul Petersen

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