Purchasing HVAC Equipment – The Pitfalls and Risks You Must Avoid

Not many people can afford air conditioners. So, first purchases are always intimidating. People with zero experience with AC units may think that the purchase process is a hassle. But, all it takes is browsing – basic research on the internet. There are countless AC sellers on the internet. Check as many units as you can.

Product Assessment – Technical Issues

Conduct quick assessments. Check for the unit’s SEER rating, energy efficiency rating, and any other ratings. Compare different units. Make sure to purchase a programmable thermostat along with your AC unit. The size of the entire HVAC system is very important. Pre-calculate these details before communicating with contractors. Research on top tech-review websites such as tk-kogyo.jp to broaden your sphere of knowledge.

Dealing with Contractors

Getting a contractor is unavoidable as they specialize in HVAC installations.

  • Interview multiple contractors.
  • Ask for their honest opinions regarding the HVAC unit’s best qualities.
  • Discuss the manufacturer warranties; have a clear idea of the stipulations regarding long-term inspection and maintenance.

Conduct in-depth, vetting processes before making your decision.

Cooling Capacity

The cooling capacity of an AC unit depends on the machine’s BTU (British Thermal Unit). You must visit tech review websites to know more about these cool calculations –

  • To calculate the cooling capacity of a room, multiply the room’s area with 25 BTU.
  • 25 BTU is the standard of measuring the cooling capacities of AC units.
  • Suppose the area of your room is 100 sq. Ft., the cooling capacity of the AC will be 2500 BTU.

Does your AC Unit offer 2500 BTU? That’s the question you need to ask your contractor.

High-Efficiency Models

High-efficiency A/C units cost a lot. If you plan to use your AC unit for a long time, the ‘ENERGY STAR’ label is worth every penny. Energy-efficient units drive down electrical bills in the long run.

Is it Safe to Purchase Second-Hand HVAC Equipment?

There’s a budding market of second-hand AC units and other HVAC equipment. But like most markets, there are some frauds. To avoid frauds, ask about the product’s warranty, additional installation, and delivery costs. Go for purchase only if the deal seems logical.


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