Questions to ask a workers’ compensation lawyer in NJ

The workers compensation system is meant to be beneficial for workers, who have been diagnosed with an occupational disease or have suffered injuries in a workplace accident. If you were injured at work, your immediate step should be about notifying your employer. You can inform your supervisor or manager, and while this doesn’t have to be in writing, you may want to submit a written document.  The next step is to contact a Jersey City workers compensation lawyer. While hiring a lawyer for your workers’ compensation case is not always necessary, an experienced attorney can make a big difference to your case. Here are some questions to ask when meeting a workers’ compensation lawyer in NJ.

  • What benefits am I entitled to?

Ideally, workers’ compensation benefits should cover for your treatment, including physical therapy, and you may be entitled to get temporary disability benefits, depending on the facts of the case. To offer a fair assessment of your case, a workers’ compensation lawyer may ask for a few details. If your injuries are likely to impact your work life ahead, you may get permanent disability benefits. If employees are facing any salary compensation issue with the company, it is best to hire employment lawyers, you can check for employment lawyers here-, they help you get your salary and wages.

  • How long have you been dealing with workers’ compensation claims?

Knowing your lawyer is important, and their experience with workers’ compensation claims is imperative for your case. Hire an attorney who knows the workers’ compensation system in New Jersey inside out, and they should not shy away from sharing details of their work and top case. If you want to know a lawyer more, just ask for references, or check on Google for independent reviews. 

  • How much would you charge? Will you handle the case personally?

Many big law firms have multiple attorneys working on workers’ compensation claims, and it can happen that a second associate or lawyer is assigned to the case. Make sure that you are paying for a lawyer with experience, and not a junior. Also, some attorneys may take up such cases on a flat fee, while others may prefer an hourly rate. Either ways, it is wise to have a fair idea of the expenses. For selected workers’ compensation cases, especially the ones where claims have been unfairly rejected and the matter must go to trial, a lawyer may work on a contingency basis. Finally, ask the lawyer how you can get updates on the case. 

A good lawyer can offer the right  legal advice you need in such difficult times. 

Clare Louise

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