Questions You Must Ask Before You Hire Office Cleaning Company

‎If you have a business, you will certainly need the services of an office cleaning service provider. You need to spend enough time and do proper homework before you hire such services.

As such, hiring any office cleaning service may not be as simple and straight forward as it looks. You need to spend almost the same amount of time that you will need for hiring any of your important employees for the company.

Following are few good questions that you need to ask before you hire any office cleaning service provider for the company.

1. Which other similar company will currently provideservice and for how long?

Experience of working in any particular type of company matters a lot and therefore, if any cleaning service provider is serving there for a long time, it is better suited for your organization too.

2. What steps you normally take to screen all your office cleaners?

You need to ensure that the cleaning service provider is aware about the cleaners that they use and also do proper screening while choosing.

3. What other kind of industry do you provide your office cleaning services?

Each type of industry has certain different norms for cleaning. By asking this question, you can judge whether he will fit well for your company.

4. What kinds of cleaning services do you provide?

You have to understand whether the cleaner doesanything beyond just simple vacuuming and dusting.

5. How will you provide training to your employees?

It will be important to know how the company provides training to their workers and whether they are awareabout various safety norms or not.

6. What kinds of insurance your workers carry?  

Generally, following 4 types of insurances available for cleaning service workers:

Umbrella policies
General liability
Automobile liability
Workers compensation

Also, ask the service provider to give a copy of their insurance policy.

7. Will the same person continue in my office?

This is important whether same group of workers will come for cleaning every day or new set of people, so that your staff may not experience any inconvenience.

8. How your cleaners will handle communication with us?

There should be regular communication between the cleaning team and the administration officer of your company. This will help to keep proper track of their services on day to day basis. Communication can be in any form.

9. Do you incorporate any green clean program?

Nowadays, there is lots of awareness about environment protection, and therefore every company wants to use environmentally safe product for all activities.

As far as cleaning activities are concerned, cleaning agent that is to be used must be environment friendly too.

10. Do your workers hold any certification?

Nowadays, there is a stipulation that only CIMS certified persons are allowed for cleaning activities and therefore before hiring any cleaning company, it is very important to ask this question.

There is plenty of choices available when it is about cleaning services. Therefore, by asking all the above questions, you will be able to screen out wrong cleaning service providers.


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