Raclette New Year’s Eve Party

Do you love to host parties at your house? 

I love them…

Hosting parties about special occasions, like New Year’s Eve, can be a daunting experience. It starts with the pressure of attempting to produce the best-ever evening for your guests. 

Then planning the perfect dishes that would fit everyone’s dietary needs after that is the purchasing in the superb crowded food markets and recognizing that they don’t possess that most important ingredient you want more.   

By this point, we have not even started cooking yet. Then it is the hours of peeling, chopping, boiling, and frying-pan, making sure everything is done and served at the right time to the perfect guest. It provides me the glow simply to consider doing it.  

Imagine how the raclette grill will look at the center of the dining table, with chopped and chopped ingredients all over the middle.  

Hmm, it’s yummy!

Raclette in the center of this table, with chopped and chopped ingredients all around the middle. That’s precisely why I am introducing one to Raclette Grill today.  

Two couples consume raclette throughout the Christmas holiday.  

The Swiss, Germans, and Austrians eat raclette regularly in winter months, and it has become more and more popular to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve in such a manner.  

Having raclette grill parties is something I’ve picked up during different years.

There are three things you will need to know about hosting a raclette grill party:

  • It is super easy
  • You do not need to be a great cook to do it 
  • It’s ensured that everyone will be well-fed and have a fantastic time in the end!  

Need a Raclette Grill

For hosting a raclette party you should have a raclette grill or raclette pan. 

There are different kinds, round one, square one, etc, but what’s the best I would like to tell you. 

The one you can find in crate and container, which has a stone cooktop, 8 wood spatulas, and non-stick raclette dishes. 

It’s quite easy to handle and much easier to wash. No cleaning is required.  

You can get it from SmartRaclette

Are you thinking about where you can get this? Do not worry, I am here to tell you the exact point from where you can easily get this reasonable and compact raclette pan. 

You can get this raclette pan from SmartRaclette

Smartraclette is a well-known site that providing the world best raclette with reasonable pricing. Smartraclette is offering a money-back grantee and the best quality product. You will never regret buying a raclette grill from them. 

Preparation for a party 

The preparation for a raclette party is essentially some shopping and chopping. The most frequent ingredients for a raclette party are numerous cheeses, boiled potatoes, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, bell peppers, zucchini, bread, pickled gherkins, cured beef, bacon, and much more. Nothing that you cannot find in a frequent supermarket. It is also possible to create your sauces if you prefer. 

I am all for making things simpler, so that you may just buy some high-quality ready-made sauces. However, if you really need to impress your visitors. Another plus of doing raclette is that any leftover meals, cooked or uncooked may be utilized for one more meal. 

  • Once you’re ready, preheat the raclette grill.
  • To avoid the meat and veggies getting stuck on the granite plate, then brush some butter/olive oil/coconut oil on top.
  • Utilize the raclette dishes for cheese and add a few meat or veggies either in the dish or on the granite top. 
  • If your cheese becomes stuck into a raclette dish, easily scrape it off with the wood spatula or even a bit of bread. 
  • Allow the raclette grill cook to everyone’s taste.  

Choose a cheese

There are lots of choices of cheese for the raclette. I have listed a few of my favorites below.  

Cheddar: A business cheese from cow’s milk. Cheddar contains 45-50% fat. It can be a white, orange, or yellow color. Creamy consistency with few holes, which range from firm and elastic to slightly crumby. It has acidic and nutty flavors. 

Melts very well.  

Raclette: A company cheese out of cow’s milk. It ranges from ivory to golden color with a creamy and soft consistency with few pockets. 

Flavor can range from somewhat fruity to aromatic depending on the degree of ripeness. Of course, it’s perfect for a raclette grill.  

Gouda: Mainly made with cow’s milk, it’s moderate and sweet flavors. Melts really well.  

Havarti: It has a buttery, sweet, and acidic flavor. It can be grilled or melted.  

Choose Vegetables and Meet

Mushrooms, tomatoes, bell peppers, potatoes, onions, asparagus, and zucchini are needed.

  • Thin slices of mushrooms
  • Thin slices of zucchini
  • Use baby tomatoes which are easy to cook.
  • Thin slices bell peppers 
  • Boil potatoes and thin slices of onions
  • Wrapped asparagus 

You can choose any meat whatever you and your guest like the most. 

For a raclette party, you can choose any dish that you can make on the smartraclette’s raclette pan. 

Set a table

Set the raclette in the center of the table, then all sliced and chopped ingredients around the center. In case you have a huge party, split every ingredient into two dishes, and put one on each side of the desk.  

The best Aspect of hosting a raclette New Year’s Eve party is instead of trying to please everybody and cook everybody’s favorite dish, so you let the raclette grill cook to everyone’s taste.

No matter what combination you are doing, the more food that comes out is tasty and savory. Though the cheese is sizzling as well as the meals have been cooked, you’ll also be able to enjoy your company and sip your favorite beverage.

No longer sweat alone for hours in the kitchen! I’ve hosted many raclette grill celebrations before with Smartraclette’s raclette pan, and that my guests were always satisfied in the conclusion and no one is going home hungry. 

Head over to www.smartraclette.com.au to get yours now.


Paul Petersen

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