Reasons to Have a Keyless Access System in Your Singapore Office

Securing Your Office with a Keyless Door Access System

If you own a business, you understand how important it is to maintain your office or store safe and secure. Furthermore, if you have several points of entry that need to be secured throughout the day, keeping everything locked down may be a real logistical headache. The solution is to implement access control systems in your Singapore office. While there are many various door access systems, the most vital for many organisations is a keyless entry system.

Here are the benefits of installing an access control system on your Singapore business.

#1 It Increases Security

It is the most obvious – and crucial – advantage of any access control system. Access control systems are more successful at keeping unauthorised persons out and are more difficult to circumvent than standard locks and keys. Having anaccess control system in your Singapore office contributes to a higher overall level of safety in businesses and facilities of all sizes.

#2 You Do Not Have to Worry About Losing Keys or Key Cards

When an employee loses a key, you may need to replace all the locks to ensure that no one who discovers the key may use it. There are no conventional keys to worry about with an access control system in your Singapore office. Employees utilise either PINs or access cards, which are easy to disable and revoke individually within the system when lost or stolen.

#3 Easier for Employee Turnover

Companies are often required to replace simple locking door knobs or update the code on locks when an employee quits. You have total control over each employee’s specific credentials and permissions with an access control system in your Singapore office. You can easily deactivate their unique access code or cancel their access card without having to update the entire system’s settings and credentials for each user. Your HR database can sync directly for quick and easy cross-referencing and updating.

#4 Endless Personalisation

Installing an access control system in your Singapore office provides you with a vast depth and breadth of control, allowing for a genuinely tailored solution. Do you want to restrict particular employees’ access during specific hours? Not an issue. Restriction of access to various rooms? Set the system up to need several authentication factors for certain people but not others? That is also possible.

#5 Allows Various Credentials

Access control systems in your Singapore offices also allow you to choose from various authentication factors and credential types. It builds off nearly-infinite options for customisation, even mixing and matching them within systems. Many systems (especially cloud-based) now even let users employ their smartphones to control and unlock doors.

#6 Allows Smartphone Access

Mobile applications work in tandem with their respective cloud-based access control system for your Singapore office. They provide simple, quick mobile access and control via your phone or tablet. You may set up and delete user rights, add or remove roles, alter credentials, and even see access logs in the system.

#7 Automatic Updates if Cloud-Based

As you improve your system, you will be able to spend more time on what is important to you – your business – and less time on the logistics and technicalities of door locks. The servers are housed off-site and managed by an external cloud security provider, which handles all equipment upgrades and maintenance, allowing you to focus on what is important to you – your business – rather than the logistics and technicalities of door locks.

#8 Good for Overall Security

Installing an access control system in your Singapore office can save you thousands of dollars if a security breach occurs. Cloud-based access control solutions also reduce many costs involved with server installation and maintenance. View the modest expenditures associated with access control installation as an investment. It is for the overall safety and security of your organisation and employees.

Different Types of Door Access Systems

Keyless Entry Systems are all a type of access control. Some are more technologically advanced than others, and each has its own set of benefits and downsides. There are various alternatives to keyed doors. However, the most popular office door access system for Singapore offices are as follows:

#1 Keypads

Keypad systems allow companies to unlock the door with a single keycode or PIN code. More complex systems can also allow each employee to have their unique keycode. Keypad systems have the disadvantage of being significantly less high-tech than their competitors. Only the most formidable and expensive keypads allow for significant customisation, and the ability to set up specific codes, restrictions, and credentials is restricted.

#2 Key Card Access System

Card door entry systems include a keycard system to specify rules and other vital access information. Keycard locks, unlike keypads, still require some form of physical credential — a swipe card, proxy card, or smart card. These are still far handier than standard hard keys and allow for greater customisation. The system administrator can ban a specific stolen card from the system.



#3 Smart Locks and Mobile Credentials

Typically, a smart lock and wireless access control system in a Singapore office will accept different credentials, such as swipe cards or proxy cards. Many systems employ cloud technology to accomplish this, while others use wireless technologies such as Z-Wave, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi. As a result, many of them only operate at close range, as the device must be inside the lock’s range.

#4 Pin Code Access

PIN code readers are one of the simplest methods to take the access control system in your Singapore office to the next level. They are straightforward and inexpensive to install. You can fit PIN code readers to various electronic locks, including standalone locks and a sizable access control system and network in Singapore offices. Standalone locks typically include all hardware and software required to lock and unlock the door when the PIN code is input. After entering a PIN code, a tiny electrical current triggers the actuator, which operates the door lock through a small motor, locking or unlocking it as needed. If the electronic lock is part of the access control system of your Singapore office, the pin code will function similarly to any other type of credential.

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