Reasons To Recycle Your Old Refridgerator

Are you getting rid of your old refrigerator? These appliances may last for many years, but eventually, you need to buy a newer and more efficient model. But what should you do with your old icebox? Recycling is a good option because it has many environmental benefits. Here are a few reasons why recycling is better than sending your refrigerator to a landfill.

Refrigerators Take Up a Lot of Space in Landfills

No matter what type of refrigerator you have, it is probably huge and heavy. These oversized items take up a lot of space in landfills preventing room for other household trash. Additionally, these appliances contain metal, which doesn’t decompose quickly and interferes with the breakdown of smaller materials. By choosing refrigerator recycling Sussex county NJ, you keep these cumbersome items out of the garbage pile and repurposing the metal for other uses.

Recycling Keeps Harmful Substances Out of the Dump

By keeping the appliance out of the trash, you also prevent toxic chemicals from causing water problems. Older refrigerators may contain materials such as oil and mercury once used in the design of these appliances. These chemicals are dangerous in a landfill because as the material slowly breaks down, the substances leak out. The liquids can make their way into the groundwater and local streams, contaminating the source of drinking water and contributing to illnesses and cancer. By keeping these items out of the landfill, the chemicals can be disposed of properly.

Recycling Prevents Ozone Damage

Another common chemical found in refrigerators is refrigerant. This substance is essential in maintaining the proper temperature within the appliance to keep food fresh. However, these liquids evaporate into the atmosphere when the holding containers deteriorate. As the compounds build up in the atmosphere, they damage the ozone layer. By adequately recycling the refrigerator, the chemicals are safely collected and discarded.

Paul Petersen

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