Reasons why electric golf carts are increasing in popularity

When it comes down to choosing a new vehicle many motorists head down to the showroom to check out the latest offers. Maybe they have been influenced by a programme on TV or by seeing what friends are driving.

The last few years have seen the range on offer grow with several options in power and size. While the roads seem to be packed with huge motors the size of old camper vans, there is an alternative that is becoming ever more popular. Electric Golf Carts are taking off and not just with golfers.

Why they are popular away from the course

An electronic golf cart can be either be driven in everyday use, if not on all streets, then certainly within private communities. They are ideal to cruise around the neighbourhood or to pop down to the local shop and are ideal for those in later life because of their lower speeds and are easy to drive.

Many businesses in the tourist industry with large spaces have fleets of carts available for hire which bring in additional income and offer a further attraction. They can also be utilised to be part of a fleet of vehicles in a factory or works, or a university campus to allow quick access around the grounds.

What are its benefits?

Buying an electric golf cart need not be expensive, especially when compared to the purchase of a larger vehicle. They are certainly cheaper than gas models and have a low operating cost. The batteries will need occasional replacement along with a water check, but there is little outlay after that. Spare parts are easily available to put right any necessary repairs.

An electronic cart is environmentally friendly as they produce no emissions. By not require frequent parts replacements makes the vehicle even more green, something that is becoming more important in everyday life in the same way that people search for natural products.

There is no noise pollution from electronic golf carts as they have been designed to make as little noise as possible meaning that there is no scaring of wildlife. Their longevity allows an excellent depreciation value meaning a good sell on fee.

And why are they great on the golf course

Heading out for a round with friends is meant to be a relaxing pastime. Why carry clubs and equipment around causing possible strain when a cart is available. Cold drinks can be stored onboard along with it being possible to fit Wi-Fi or even solar panels to make it completely self-sufficient. The money saved might wish to be spent on a round on an award winning course.

A golf cart offers shelter from adverse weather conditions and can extend the life of a golfer as seniors can still get out a few times a week while saving energy to play their shots and concentrate on keeping their handicap down.

An electric golf cart offers a plethora of benefits whatever its use while saving money and assisting the environment.


Paul Petersen

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