Requirements for Commercial Inspections in Florida

For public safety reasons, Florida, like other states requires inspection of houses, buildings and other structures. This includes commercial buildings. An inspection is also usually performed before purchasing a commercial property. This lets the buyer know the exact condition of the building and ensures it is up to code. It also protects the seller as there is a record of the property’s condition at the time of the sale.

Defining Commercial Building

A commercial building is defined as one that is intended to generate profit, either through rental income or sales. It includes any kind of store, strip mall or warehouse, as well as apartment buildings and condominiums. Any of these properties are subject to commercial inspections Central Florida.

The Purpose of Inspections

An inspection is helpful to the buyer in assessing how much it will cost to not only purchase, but get the property into a safe and usable condition. It can also help to estimate the return on investment. An inspection covers five major systems and determines how long they will last. These are structural integrity, electrical, roofing, plumbing and HVAC.

Exterior and Interior

A building inspector will carefully look over both the exterior and interior of the structure. Parking lots, driveways, landscaping and any outside structures such as sheds are a part of the exterior inspection. For the interior, any offices, kitchens, bathrooms, as well as walls and floors are inspected to ensure they are up to code.

Who Performs the Inspection?

There are three options from which to choose an inspector. An architect or engineer has the knowledge to perform the inspection. The third option is a commercial building inspector. These individuals specialize in inspecting commercial properties.

Commercial buildings in Florida are generally subject to an inspection at the time of the sale. This protects the buyer, the seller and anyone who occupies the building.

Clare Louise

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