Saving On Moving Expenses

When it comes time to move, there are so many decisions that must be made from which moving company to hire to how many boxes to buy. If you’re trying to move yourself with as little outside expense as possible, consider these money saving tips.

Don’t Buy Boxes

There are many options for buying boxes, but with a little ingenuity, you shouldn’t need to. Start at the local liquor store. The boxes used there are generally very sturdy and smaller in size so perfect for holding delicate objects. The back side of any large grocery or department store usually has tons of boxes that are easily accessible in the evening after the deliveries have been made. Install your neighborhood association app to pick up free boxes from someone who has just moved.

Move and Store in One

Renting a moving truck and leasing a storage facility to hold all your furniture can add up especially if there is a delay between moving out and moving in. One option is semi trailer storage leasing Everett WA where once your belongings are loaded onto a truck, the truck itself is put into storage. There is no transferring of your things from truck to storage unit and back again. With all your boxes and furniture in one place, it should be a quick turn around when you’re ready to move in.

Hire Students

If you’re pretty organized to begin with and have good spatial awareness, hire high school and college students to help you move at a fraction of the cost of professional movers. You will have to provide more supervision when loading the moving truck, but most young people are happy for the work. The most important aspect of hiring local teenagers is to be very clear on what you want them to do and how long you expect them to work. Model a strong work ethic, and they will likely follow suit.

Save your money for your dream home. Cut expenses on the move itself.

Paul Petersen

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