Seeking Compensation for Emotional Distress After a Rockford Car Accident

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Sustaining physical injuries in a car accident makes you eligible for compensation. However, you can also claim compensation for your psychological injuries suffered after a crash. When you consult a Rockford Personal Injury Attorney, let them know about all your losses and issues you have to deal with after the crash. 

Filing a Compensation Claim for Emotional Distress

Your injury attorney may file a claim against the insurance company of the driver who caused your accident, so you can get compensated for your emotional distress. Sometimes, if they can prove that the other party intentionally inflicted your emotional issues, you may be able to get greater compensation. This can happen when the other driver engaged in road rage with you. 

Explaining the Extent of Your Psychological Injuries

Your Rockford lawyer needs to know the extent of your emotional distress as they assemble your claim. Car accidents, regardless of the severity, may inflict a degree of mental anguish. If you suffer serious emotional distress that disrupts your normal daily function, there is a greater chance that you can recover compensation. 

Proving Your Injuries

Proving emotional distress can be hard. To substantiate your injury claim, your lawyer will use your medical records. Make sure to inform your attorney if you have sought psychological counseling, medical treatment, or another kind of care for your emotional distress. Also, ensure you have a daily record of how serious your psychological symptoms are and how it is affecting your quality of life. 

What Damages and Compensation Can You Recover?

When you file a compensation claim for emotional distress after a car wreck, your lawyer may seek compensation for your fear, anxiety, sleeplessness, depression, and similar issues. As an injured victim of a car accident, you can recover damages such as medical bills and lost wages and emotional distress.

When it comes to the compensation you will get, this would depend on whether or not you contributed to the accident. In the state, you should not be more than 50% responsible for the crash to get compensation. To determine how much you are owed, the court will consider your percentage of fault. Because of the complexities of securing compensation for your injury, you would benefit from the legal assistance that a skilled personal injury attorney offers. They have the necessary resources to investigate your accident, determine the at-fault party, and get maximum compensation for you. 

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