Signs It Is Time for a New Commercial Roof

The roofing costs for a commercial property can vary greatly. However, most people know, this is an investment. Knowing for sure that it is time for a new commercial roof is essential.

Some of the top signs you need to invest in commercial roofing Alexandria can be found below. Knowing for sure this investment is necessary is essential for most property owners.

Leaks in the Existing Roof

If there is water leaking on your head when it rains outside, it is a sign your roof needs repairs. Unfortunately, leaks are not always easy to notice. This is especially the case for commercial buildings where you may not be able to see the underside of the building’s roof.

Instead, it is up to you to watch for some of the secondary signs of a leak. This includes signs of mold or water spots on the ceiling. If there is an attic in the building, be sure to inspect the area for water damage from time to time.

Make sure to pay attention to how things smell while up there too. If mold starts to grow in the roof, there could be a moldy smell before any visible damage appears.


Another sign of a problem is blistering on the exterior of your roof. This is also caused by water damage. Water that becomes trapped in the insulation can eat up the interior of your roof. This process results in gases being released, causing blistering in the roof.

If you notice any of the signs mentioned above, now is the time to begin thinking about commercial roof repair or replacement. This is an investment you should not put off as the problems and damages will only get worse as time passes. Being informed and knowing the most common signs that roof repair is needed is essential.

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