Signs That Your Sprinkler System Needs Attention

Maintaining a healthy, lush lawn requires a lot of time and attention. Since you can’t always guarantee rain to keep your yard watered, it is important to create a schedule for hydrating your grass and plants. If you’ve got a big yard or a tight schedule, a sprinkler system is key to keeping everything nice and wet. Of course, issues with sprinklers happen all the time. To stop an issue before it becomes a disaster, take a look at these warning signs that your sprinkler system requires a bit of attention.

Uneven Coloration

There are a few telltale signs to look for if your sprinkler isn’t performing the way it should. Grass that has received plenty of water will look verdant and lush. Dry grass, conversely, will have a yellowed edge. If you notice your lawn is uneven with coloration, it means that the sprinklers might not be watering the lawn in a consistent way. Have professionals take a look at the system to get a feel for the cause of the issue.

Dripping Valves

As with any system that delivers water to and from a source, drips and leaks are a strong indication of a problem. If you notice the sprinkler valves are dripping even when you have gone out of your way to tighten the mechanisms, it may be pointing to a deeper problem. A leak can easily become a rupture in no time, so contact those who specialize in sprinkler repair Denver to have the problem addressed immediately. 

Pressure Problems

Water pressure can also help you determine how your sprinkler system is performing. If the water is shooting out of sprinkler heads in a dangerous way or if the water is dribbling out without getting any range, it could be signs of problems with your water pressure. Having your system looked at by professionals can help point out the exact issue and provide you with practical solutions on how to make repairs. 

Skyrocketing Costs

Finally, your water bill can also tell you when you have an issue at hand. Leaks and wasted water cost you money. When you receive your utility bill, take note of any particularly high costs. When you’re paying more than you should for water consumption, it usually means the water is being wasted through a leak in one of your plumbing systems. 

Maintaining your lawn is all about making sure the grass is watered. Stay on top of the maintenance of your sprinkler system to guarantee a beautiful, green yard at all times.

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