Signs you can be a Wonderful Doula!

If you have recently been introduced to the profession of doula, you might have gotten attracted to it. The name itself is so attractive that a lot of people learn about it and then fall in love with the profession. It has so much of love, care and affection towards the would-be and new mothers that you don’t feel like doing any other job than attending these lovely ladies.

But it is not that anyone can do the course and become a doula. From birth doula to the one who attends new mothers, no matter what kind of a doula you want to be, you must find out whether you have the signs to become one. 

Firstly, a doula needs to be highly patient. The would-be or new mother is going to throw all sorts of questions to you and you have to handle every single query with all your heart, time and determination. Even when the woman is undergoing stress due to the change and new phase coming in her life, you have to be there for her. That’s your job and you need to be affectionate towards it.

Secondly, a doula needs to be good at both listening as well as communicating. You are going to handle the would-be or new father as well, if he stays with the mother. You will have to hear them out, help them with the queries and then speak in such a way that they readily accept what you say and do their best to raise their new baby or babies.

Thirdly, you need to have the heart to care for people. If you are already a caring person, you are surely going to have a lot of warmth and affection towards the ones you are going to attend as a doula.

Paul watson

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