Smart and the best timing With Toronto Discovery

Chinatown, a very characteristic place in Toronto that is located along Spadina Avenue, dotted with typical restaurants not only Chinese. Chinatown in Toronto is definitely the perfect place for lovers of Chinese cuisine, but also for those who love the specialties of modern fusion cuisine, Japanese and Thai cuisine;

  • Casa Loma, the ancient residence of the Pellat family, is one of the most visited attractions par excellence in the Canadian metropolis. Today Casa Loma you can visit it every day from 9:30 to 17:00;

Entertainment District, Toronto’s largest amusement park, nestled among skyscrapers and modern buildings. It is the young and lively district of Toronto, where the Air Canada Center and the Roger Center are also located, where you can attend great sporting events such as the famous Canadian basketball and hockey games. When it comes to the Toronto Nightlife then you can have the best time present there.

Yorkville neighborhood, the sophisticated and elegant neighborhood of Toronto, dotted with high fashion shops, exclusive boutiques and art galleries, and nestled among skyscrapers and glass buildings that are intertwined with characteristic red brick houses. Along the Yorkville neighborhood in Toronto, a visit to Mink Mile, one of the most expensive arteries in the world, cannot be missed.

But let’s go now to see more specifically the different attractions of the city of Toronto

What remains of the history of Toronto can still be admired today in romantic Bristol Avenue, a tree-lined avenue along which run beautiful nineteenth-century Victorian houses, built in colored wood. It is delicious, in particular, the balconies and verandas. Moving a little to the suburbs you will find the Black Creek Pioneer Village, a well-preserved example of a colonial settlement.

Casa Loma is a real stone castle, fascinating and majestic even if built in 1911. The Old Town Hall also looks like a castle.

Casa Loma

  • Modern Toronto is summed up in the spectacular CN Tower, the television tower . With its 555 meters high, it was the tallest building in the world for years, before being overshadowed by Burj Khalifa. Today you can go up to various levels and admire the panorama of the city from various points of view.
  • Royal Ontario Museum is a futuristic-style museum that combines what remains of the facade of the old museum, in an original mix.
  • Nathan Phillips Square is a square that seems to have been created by aliens, embellished with several ultra modern architectures.
  • Don’t miss the New Town Hall complex, the Chinatown neighborhood, the original College of Fine Arts. Take time to stroll in peace, savoring every meter of the delightful Lungolago, which overlooks the city center.

What to see around Toronto

Toronto is still surrounded by water today. The old marshes have now been cleared, but all around the city there are huge lakes with spectacular surrounding landscapes. Toronto itself overlooks Lake Ontario and it takes just a few kilometers to find yourself at the Niagara Falls, created by the encounter of this lake with Lake Erie.


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