Smart storage ideas for small home spaces

Storage is of the utmost importance for any home. It keeps your things organized and your home decluttered. However, with limited square footage, it sometimes becomes difficult to find enough storage space along with the rest of the amenities. You need to look for some clever ideas to find storage for your home. All you need to do is to think of a little rearrangement at your home. Professionals like Erect-A-Rack can create several types of racks and shelves to provide you a good amount of space to keep your home tidy and ordered. Here are some amazing ideas which would help you create plenty of storage to keep your things well-hidden and well-arranged.

  • Divider shelves

When your home has a lesser floor area, you can utilize it the most by avoiding a wall between two spaces to separate them. A smart way to have a partition that does not create take too much space is a divider shelf. It also gives you the liberty to rearrange the setting as per your needs as it can be moved easily as compared to a fixed wall.

  • Wall-mounted seating

Wall-mounted shelves seating is a great way to create storage that keeps the floor clear. It sits on the wall and provides you plenty of space and can be used for multiple purposes. You can keep your books, crockery, even clothes, and other stuff if the shelves are closed. You can choose the material according to your liking and budget and will have to seek permission from the owner if your home is leased.

  • High platform

These platforms are amazingly practical but need your ceiling to be high enough to accommodate them. You can create these high platforms below your ceiling and get a space to store all sorts of things. These can be created for the entire room width with space to reach and keep things or only in a portion of the room.

  • Cabinets in the floor

As you utilize your ceiling, you can also utilize the floor. You can create cabinets on the floor and use the top as a bed, rack or table, etc. Underneath, you can keep your stuff all hidden, organized without occupying extra space. Floor cabinets are easier to reach as compared to high platforms and are equally spacious.

  • Flip down desk

These are common and popular storage options. This provides you with storage as well as a tabletop that you can use to write or study as and when needed. The concept is to have shelves on the wall with their door opening downwards parallel to the floor. A flip-down desk is one of the most sought ideas for small homes.

  • Pegged boards on the wall

Pegged boards on the walls give your home an edgy look while providing you with plenty of adjustable storage. You can choose to have boards fixed permanently or keep the option to be able to rearrange them according to your needs and liking.

  • Storage under the stairs

Stairs have a lot of space underneath that often goes unutilized. You can use this space for storage. You can get dynamic cabinets created in this area according to your requirements. These look modern and offer plenty of space to store all kinds of things out of sight.

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