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A report released on 31st of March 2020 and in this report it is shown that the company is in lose of 5.8 million dollars. In that, reference the company executive says that Feeling grateful to see the progress and methods that we are doing to fight with COVID-19 pandemic. Along with it, we all are facing challenges while doing business, most of the challenges are related to the pandemic, they will directly hit the progress of the company, and it will break down the progress of the company.

He also mentioned that they would still work for the progress of medicines like SNS-510 and vecabrutinib in which they are showing some of the positive results. In the first phase, they tested on 500 mg of the medicine. In these testing, they found positive results and now they are proceeding for the human trials.

Moreover he also described that this pandemic will affect some of their sites but still they will give their best to begin their testing and try to make every testing positive. The most possible time in which they update is likely to be occurring when the situation of COVID-19 recovers.

Some of the medicines in which the company is likely to update its customers by the end of the pandemic:

  1. Cohort 5 (300mg) – The company announced that ASH 2019 which is considered as one of the stable types of disease is going to get a break down with the help of their medicine. Along with it, they also informed that they started testing on more than five people and hope a positive result from their side. Along with it they also informed that Chronic lymphocytic leukemia is also considered as one of the most stable as in a study it is found that with the help of this medicine the ratio of this disease got reduced down by 47 percent.
  2. Cohort 6 (400 mg) – This medicine has constant work upon the disease. With the help of this medicine, it is found that the level of this disease was reduced by 48 percent. However the patients are getting benefits from this medicine but still there are most of the researchers that are working on this medicine to find out that this medicine has medical benefits on the patients or not.

With the final words we conclude that here we have discussed some of the benefits and about SNSS stock at . Along with it, we have also discussed the company.   If you want to know more stock information like abus stock , you can visit at .

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