Solar Powered Pathway Lights- What Would Be The Perfect Lumen For Outdoor Lighting?

According to the experts, the growing concern about the environment and the present non-renewable energy resources has made the concerned authority to look out for the alternatives. Though nature provides us with several energy sources; but the approach towards harnessing them has not always been a dedicated one. But, the growing awareness regarding the energy utilisation has made people lookout for better sources. Solar energy tops the list of potentiality.

The companies are stressing on improving the efficiency of the solar resource. This would help people’s reliance on solar energy. There are various misconceptions amongst the people regarding this clean energy source.

The versatility of the sun’s energy is now stored and harnessed to power the lights at home and pathways. Yes, pathways! Many readers would be perplexed on reading how solar energy is used to light the pathways of houses, parks and other commercial properties when the intensity of the light is too low.

True! With the advancement in technology, the solar-powered pathway lights have witnessed a rapid transformation in design and efficiency. The companies have stressed equally on increasing the intensity of the light to ensure that the pathway lights meet all the essential requirements- right from guiding a person walking to securing the property. According to the experts associated with the company producing solar lights, the focus has shifted not only towards the development of energy-saving lights but also to ensure that the right intensity of the light is installed at the correct place. And this is one of the major reasons why one can find lights of different intensity.

Finding the Right Lumen for your Pathway Solar Light:

Getting the right intensity of the light is quite a tough task. The companies that sell solar-powered pathway lights maintain a standard range of lumen (tested) to make sure that it fulfils the requirement of the people. The following is the list of the required lumen of lights at different places that stand perfect in terms of providing enough brightness—

  • For security floodlights, the recommended lumen is in the range of 700-1300
  • Lumen in the range of 150-300 is said to be perfect for shed lights
  • The lamppost with 120-180 lumen is enough to lighten a spot
  • Solar-powered pathway lights with lumen 100 are said to be good
  • Landscape spotlights would require an intensity of 120 lumen

Is my Lumen Intensity Enough to Light a Spot?

Lumen at times can be an unconventional way of marking the intensity of the light. However, if the same is converted to equivalent wattage, it would be quite easier to get an idea of the brightness.

To make it understand, take for instance the example of solar-powered pathway lights that use 100 lumens. It is believed that a 60W incandescent bulb puts out approximately 750-800 lumens. Therefore, bright enough!


The right intensity of the solar lamp is always a boon for the property. It would help brighten the area without leaving any shade behind.

Clare Louise

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