Stainway Financials Review

Stainway Financials offers specialized asset recovery, claims assessment, and risk mitigation services via intelligence gathering. The firm partners with an extensive network of global investigators and attorneys to provide full asset recovery services for victims of online scams. The Geneva-based firm has its headquarter in New York, US, and an office in Tel Aviv, Israel. Some of the services the firm provides clients include:

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  • Asset recovery
  • Risk management
  • Litigation advisory
  • Crisis management
  • Claims assessment

Their asset recovery service cut across scams in areas like forex, binary options, cryptocurrencies, Ponzi schemes, and many more. There are many standout features of the firm that puts it ahead in the business of asset recovery. In this review, we’ll take a look at some of them. Ready? Here we go.

Global Reach

Unlike many firms that help fraud victims, Stainway Financials has a global reach. The top firm provides services to people living in most parts of the world, except Iraq, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Lebanon, Sudan, Pakistan, and Libya. But, it focuses on victims in the UK, AUS, and NORDIC countries, which include Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, and Finland, Greenland, Aland, and the Faroe Islands. The company can provide timely service to fraud victims in these countries via strategic partnerships with top investigators and lawyers there.

Low Fees for Asset Recovery Services

Stainway Financials offer outstanding asset recovery services at relatively low fees. To begin with, every client is offered a free consultation via email and or call. A comparison of its service fees with that of other asset recovery firms in the world showed that the firm applies fair pricing to all of its services. For the same quality of service and caliber of cases, Stainway Financials have one of the lowest fees.

Result-oriented Asset Recovery Process

The process involves an initial consultation, which is free for all clients. That is followed by a thorough review of the claim. Afterward, the company may decide to engage the services of experienced investigators and attorneys, depending on the outcome of the review. Other processes then follow that lead to the recovery of victims’ assets. On average, the recovery process last for around 6 months.

Deep Structure

Most top-rated firms that fight for fraud victims boast of a deep structure. Stainway Financials has an excellent structure that is responsible for its high success rate. Since its establishment, the firm has helped victims of various online frauds to recover millions in the range of 6 and 7 figures. The firm prides itself to have the best professionals, with diverse experiences and backgrounds, such as account managers, expert brokers, lawyers, and many more.

Philanthropic Activities

One would think that it is all about cases and asset recovery for this law firm, but that is not the case. Stainway Financials make out time to give back to the community. The firm involves in charity activities massively, giving to the lower class population from the revenue it generates.


As you may already know, online scams continue to take different forms, becoming more sophisticated by the day. Stainway Financials continues to research, upgrade its strategies, and employ modern techniques in confronting online scam cases to recover stolen assets to victims. The features above are only but a few of those responsible for the success story of the firm. Its exploits and results speak volumes in the global space. Little wonder there are several excellent reviews about the firm online, and it is listed among the top asset recovery firms in 2019. No doubt, it is one of the best firms in asset recovery worldwide.

Clare Louise

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