Staying Safe Online Whilst Travelling

With the holiday season arriving, the opportunity for many individuals to travel is arriving and the desire is certainly there too, but for many being out of it for a spell means a whole new experience whilst travelling again whilst also dealing with the many changes that have come over the past couple of years if travel hasn’t been an option until that point most notably with the reintroduction of roaming charges for some. With that in mind, what’s important to consider when looking to stay as safe as possible when using public connections away from home?

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Stick to trusted services – It has become common for local places to all have their own apps that offer special promotions or different bonuses, and many will just install them without a second thought particularly if they’re well trusted, but as smaller independent locations become more available, this is something where more care is needed. This should be considered with all sorted of services, whether through gaming with some of the favourite UK independent casinos in favour of other untrusted games or sticking to ordering apps through well known restaurants and avoiding those that aren’t as well known – particularly if their app isn’t directly available on the app store too.

Try  to avoid public wi-fi where possibly – Whilst there are certainly safe locations where wi-fi may be accessible during travel, particularly through the likes of the hotel or well-known locations like Starbucks or McDonalds, a general rule of thumb would be to avoid anything that may be out in the public too as spoof connections and dangerous options are becoming more common and a big tourist trap. With those who have experience the return of roaming charges too where mobile data may not be as easily usable, and the increased number of individuals looking to take advantage of free wi-fi wherever possible. 

Tacked on cost may become common – With the return of roaming costs in mind too, it’s also a possibility that some locations will look to add a charge to their wi-fi too and given many of these aren’t the most secure and may still fall victim to issues as outlined above, but with the added cost on top of that too. With the potential for roaming charges to return across Europe all the same, this will certainly be something to keep an eye out for in the future when it comes to online safety whilst travelling and ensuring data isn’t being compromised, even in a situation where access to this data is being paid for.


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