Steps to take to avoid prison on class 6 felony charges

When you are found to be in possession or distributing drugs and arrested the law officers, this can lead to felony charges. Felony is a serious offense that may lead to imprisonment if you are found addition to serving a jail term, the punishment may last beyond fines, penalties, incarceration, probation costs, to name a few

If you are arrested for a felony case allegation, or you have been charged with a class 6 felony offense, reducing a class 6 felony charge will require you to take the following steps immediately to avoid a prison term and future reputation damage.

Remain silent because it is your right

Anything that you utter can be used against you in court because it is a law. You have a constitutional right to keep quiet, not incriminating yourself. Your lawyer will review the allegations label against you and the witness statements with you before you speak to the law enforcement and then advise you on which steps to take. Whether to record a statement or make them prove it

Remain calm and collected

Incarceration, even been locked up in jail for a night, can affect a person who has never experienced such kind of situation. It can even be more difficult to decline to narrate your story to the police if you think you are innocent. Normally, police officers, when interrogating a person they are always intimidating and may scare you. They are trained well, and they may convince you to speak and tell your side of the story. They will have control of your destiny when they apprehend you.

You will be booked into custody if the police think they got enough evidence to hold you for a felony charge. Therefore, trying to argue with them as you try to defend yourself is in itself wrong. Stay silent. Period

Hire an experienced defense lawyer

The most important step to have your charges reduce or avoid prison on a felony crime is to hire an experienced  criminal defense attorney lincoln ne to defend you. Every day that you will spend in custody without a counsel representation will jeopardize your case. It will help if you ask for a felony criminal lawyer immediately after being arrested or investigated.

The law enforcement prosecutors and detectives know the ins and outs of the felony criminal justice process. They may use this knowledge on you if you hire an experienced qualifying lawyer. Having a good representation on your side will protect you from agreeing to anything that you do not understand.

Do not discuss your case

It can be traumatizing and emotionally difficult when you are detained, awaiting your case resolution. However, never discuss your case with anyone, even on the phone. All the calls inside a prison facility are usually recorded and may be used against you in court.

Understand your charges

The majority of people who are not working in the justice system will never tell the difference between misdemeanor and felony. Therefore, they may not understand the severity of their criminal accusation or the harsh consequences they may be subjected to. Misdemeanor crime charges have a sentence of not more than one year. On the other hand, felonies carry long-term sentences, steep fines, and considerable restriction. When you are convicted of a felony, you may lose many rights, such as, right to vote, hold a firearm. You may even miss certain job opportunities.

Do not lie to your attorney

Typically, it is hard to trust a stranger with personal information, especially if it is incriminating, which may lead to you going to prison if the information fell in the wrong hands. However, you need to disclose everything to your lawyer since layers have an ethical obligation to keep their clients confidential information. Your lawyers need to know the entire truth to come up with the best presentation, argument, and evaluation for your case.

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