Strategies for Securing Your Home Against the Bad Guys

If it is true that your home is your castle, then you would do what you could to protect it as would a queen or king. Because digging a moat would not be a practical solution, you need to rely on other strategies to secure your home, both that of checking your behaviors and installing safeguarding obstacles. While there may be several solutions to which you can avail yourself, start with the following methods for providing a bubble of security over your home and loved ones.

Seal the Perimeter

Just as the moat acted as the first barrier to intruders during the medieval era, a security fence Texas provides a barricade against bad actors today. If you decide to install a security fence make certain that it encompasses the following:

  • Spans entire perimeter
  • Made of steel, fiberglass or other strong material
  • Tall enough for the job
  • Easily maintained
  • Gate easily-accessible for homeowner

Decide whether you want open or closed (privacy) fencing; if closed, install monitors so that you can view visitors. Note that local zoning ordinances will dictate both this criterion and other allowances.

Install Lighting

Bathing your yard in lights will deter nighttime intruders, who will then move on from your house. Aim spotlights toward vulnerable areas of the home and garage, along pathways and at shrubbery, which can provide cover. If you are not comfortable with having lights on through the night, install motion-sensor illumination.

Change Behaviors

Locking your doors and windows is the simplest and least-costly safety measure you can take. Too often, people let down their guards in the comfort of their homes. No matter how safe you believe your neighborhood to be, it takes just one criminal to test your front door. Consider spending money to install reinforced locks, especially if your existing ones appear to be too flimsy to work effectively.

Install a Security System

For some homeowners a security alarm system provides peace-of-mind. Physical barriers work effectively against an invasion before it can occur. Security systems sound the alarm if there is an unlikely breach, which the homeowner may not otherwise be aware of until it is too late; some systems include subscriptions for notifying your smartphone or the police.

When deciding how much security protection you need for your home, consider your surroundings, your home’s layout and your personal comfort consequent to the choices you make. No good comes from living in constant fear; installing perimeter safeguards and other security solutions are the best ways to ease your worries.

Paul watson

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