Surprising Benefits of Being a Permanent Resident in Singapore

There are many reasons why you should choose to work on your ICA Singapore citizenshipapplication now. Some may be because of several requirements needed on your job application, while others might be due to your interest to stay in the region longer. But are they enough grounds for you to stay for good in the Lion City?

Consult your immediate kin about your plan as it may surprise them at first to learn that you’re already working on your citizenship application. Check if your family is amenable to your proposal, or if they also consider being a resident there. You may never know; they would also prefer living in a Southeast Asian region.

Never forget about your peers who might have already endured the long Singapore PR application process. Get some advice from them on how you should work on yours and what you need to prepare for its flawless approval. Always take note of their tips to hasten up your request to be a legal citizen as well.

It will also help if you do your research about the tedious ICA and PR application process. Verify if your reasons are valid enough for you to stay in the region permanently. It would be great if you check on these first before you even submit your initial requirements to these governing agencies.

Another way you can confirm if it’s the best decision you will ever make is through other applicant testimonials. Look for online pages that feature their experiences as they work on their transfer. They may even share a Singapore PR appeal letter format you can use if they reject your request.

Nonetheless, consider these following benefits when you choose to live in the region for good. Forget about the tiringcitizenship application process as these are enough reasons for you to be their resident. Get to enjoy them as soon as you finish working on your request and secure your documents:

Career Openings

Most immigrants today choose to live here because of the numerous career opportunities offered in the region. It may also be the main reason why you want to be a Singapore PRat the soonest possible time. Hence, be it your principal motivation to work on your request now above anything else.

Always take advantage of its booming economy and the opening of various jobs within its central business district. These include high-paying professions you may have never thought of are accepting workers nowadays. You may only need to secure your citizenship application to increase your chances of landing any of these opportunities.

Must-Have Requirement: Ensure that you have been a permanent resident or a PR in Singapore for at least a couple of years to have your request granted. But if you’re still a soon-to-be job applicant, then you should be staying in the region for at least three years and pass a national level examination to be eligible for the transfer.

Business Opportunities

On the other hand, if you have plans on putting up a business in the middle of the city, then that may be the best decision you’ll ever make. Expect it to be one of the rising institutions soon together with the growing market of the region. Build more connections on your upcoming venture when you get to secure your PR appeal application.

Some corporations may need to be managed by a legitimate Singapore resident with valid citizenship documents. They usually require a legal sponsor to support your business venture or transfer request in the region. Hence, look for one now who can attest to your legitimacy as a permanent resident.

Must-Have Requirement: If you’re married to a legit citizen, then there might be no issues with your ICA application process. You may only need to be a permanent resident and legally tie the knot for at least two years for your request to move forward. Request your spouse to be your sponsor as you apply for your residency.

Local Perks

Do you also know about the Central Provident Fund or CPF offered among local employees and PR in Singapore? It is a system introduced in the region’s workforce to decrease the value of their taxable income. That’s an essential incentive for working locals who wish to get more of their take-home pays.

It may also be beneficial for you once you have secured your career or business in the region. You may only need to make several contributions for you to enjoy such perks. Moreover, get your citizenship appeal approval to be eligible with more saving offers on your medical, education, and investment funds.

Must-Have Requirement: Apart from yourPR application, you may also need to prepare for the CPF rates you need to settle. You may need to be ready with more when you only got your permanent residency documents two years prior. Work on them now in time for your funding support in the future.

Unique Offers

Nonetheless, choose to live and be a PR in Singapore for its array of unique and surprising offers when you become their permanent resident. These include their picturesque spots, delectable cuisines, and rich local culture. You may even bring your family with you together and live at this priced gem in the Asian region.

Work on their citizenship application through reputable immigration firms in the region like Singapore Top Immigration. They offer professional services to ensure governing bodies will not reject your request to transfer anytime soon. They also work with experienced consultants to guarantee your hasty approval together with your family.

Must-Have Requirement: They may only require you to prepare all the needed documents for you and your family’s transfer. No need to worry about your appeal letter as Singapore Top Immigration is ready to be by your side from start to finish. Check their website now to learn more about the different things you need for your Singapore PR application process.

Clare Louise

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