TejKohli Bridges TheThe Economic Gap

When it comes to medical breakthroughs, robotics, technology, and artificial intelligence, TejKohli is staying ahead of the game. But many of the innovations Kohli is investing in is meant to bridge the gap between science and humanity, especially in addressing issues for the underprivileged.

Getting to know TejKohli

TejKohli, a 62-year-old technologist, entrepreneur, real estate investor, and philanthropist, was born in Delhi, India to parents who traveled a lot due to the nature of their jobs. Eventually, Kohli found himself in Costa Rica for a few years, where he dabbled in e-commerce and various online payment methods during the late 90s and early 00s. 

Kohli also made his money through real estate investments in India, Abu Dhabi, and Germany, and eventually settled permanently in the United Kingdom. 

Being an entrepreneur, Kohli knows the strain that many startups have with regard to funding. The lack of funds can cause many projects that have potential to fail or close. So, he began putting more effort into funding various startup firms that focused on deep tech. However, his philanthropic initiatives continue, as many of his investments are geared towards helping the less fortunate have better, more promising futures.

Below are some of the projects and programmes that TejKohli, through TejKohli Ventures and TejKohli Foundation, is involved in:

3D Prosthetics

By investing in the UK-based Open Bionics, Kohli’s non-profit programme is to provide the Hero Arm, which are 3D-printed artificial limbs to disabled youth in the United Kingdom. Known as The Future Bionic Program, this technology is seen to be more cost-effective and adaptable to children who wish to have more confidence in approaching the future and leading normal lives.

Treatment of corneal blindness

The Kohli Foundation has several projects related to corneal blindness in Nepal, India, and other developing countries. With a mission to eradicate corneal blindness by 2035, Kohli has invested in outreach programmes to treat the less fortunate, as well as building research institutes that are looking into better preventative measures and early detection techniques for the ailment. 

Robotics and artificial intelligence

Kohli Ventures has also invested in Rewired Venture Studio in Switzerland, which helps fund deep tech startups that focus on robotics with a humanitarian aim. By using machines to better understand and solve the world’s problems, such as plastic waste, cancer, and energy and power.

Kohli is also highly interested in genetics, DNA hybridisation, artificial blood production, and external reengineering of organs — all of which may be medical breakthroughs that could improve the way humans live in the next hundred years. 


Kohli also began venturing into e-sports, a new but fast-rising phenomenon that has tournaments for professional teams composed of video gamers. As digital interactions expand and people explore virtual reality, this niche industry provides new avenues for gamers, particularly the youth, to excel just as professional athletes in traditional games would.

Through science, technology, and commerce, these efforts show that although first-world nations are deep into new innovations, many of these efforts will serve to improve the lives of developing nations. Through his ventures, Tej Kohli is narrowing the gap between the two worlds and is committing his life to helping others.

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