The 101 of Semi Precious Stone Bracelets for Emotional Balance

Life can be a hard train to ride at times. No matter the reason, everybody has a difficult time at some point. Maybe you are going through one right now and are looking for ways to mend your broken heart.

There are wounds that one cannot see, but they are no different than the physical pain inflicted upon our bodies. How do we heal those? Whatever broke your heart, you have to know it will get treated the same way physical wounds do – with time and patience.

Meanwhile, you need a companion. While help can come in all forms and shapes, there is a solution that may sound new to you. The semi precious stone bracelets from Balisarda are crafted with infinite care, only from natural gemstones.

For thousands of years, people have been using gemstones to benefit from their healing powers. By wearing one the semi precious stone bracelets, your  mood will improve significantly, for at least two reasons. First of all, you will look amazing, which is something you need during this time. Secondly, they will discreetly transfer their healing power to you, making you feel stronger than ever.

Below, you can find some examples of semi precious stone bracelets that will help you rebuild the best version of yourself. However, feel free to explore the jewelry collection. We assure you that, when you find the semi precious stone bracelet that belongs to you, you will feel it in your heart!

Women’s Pink Tiger Eye Semi Precious Stone Bracelets

One of the few semi precious stone bracelets that Balisarda has created uniquely for women features the Pink Tiger Eye stone. All Tiger Eye stones can be used by those who feel the need of being watched over, but the pink one brings a strong ability to focus. Therefore, it will help you find rational solutions to everything you are going through.

Shell Stone Beaded Bracelets

Even from ancient times, seashells have been treasured and used as currency. The semi precious stone bracelets have been carved from beautiful, thick natural shells. By wearing them, you will manage to cleanse and balance your thoughts. In no time, you will feel in harmony with yourself and those around you!

Apatite Semi Precious Stone Bracelets

For Greeks, “apatite” means “to deceive”. The stone got its name from its various colors – in nature, it can be found in a wide range of colors, from blue-green to yellow or pink. Its function is to support and encourage progress, being exactly what you need on your path towards healing.

Women’s Lavender Amethyst Beaded Bracelets

The delicate lavender color is a result of a strong chemical process, resulted from nature’s force. The deposits of iron and aluminum combine with natural irradiation, creating this unique color. Back in the day, it was a symbol of luxury and was used for royal crowns. Nowadays, you can use it to treat insomnia and other symptoms brought by a hyperactive mind.

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