The Advantages of a CV in PDF Format

Companies used to ask job applicants for a Curriculum Vitae in Word format before. But this has changed due to many compatibility issues that this format can cause. Therefore, it is more than recommended to use the PDF format to send your CV. It has many advantages that you may not have expected.

PDF Format is More Secure

When you are in charge of an electronic document, you can protect them with a password. This will prevent anyone from editing, deleting and even copying your data. With this power, you can also find and delete hidden data. Other than password, you can protect PDF by watermarks or digital signatures which have additional advantages to passwords. Therefore, if you create a CV in PDF format, you can be sure that no one will be able to touch it.

PDF Format for a Better CV Conception

With PDF format, there is a wide variety of designs to make your curriculum vitae more attractive and more original.  You can choose embedding font, vector graphics, 3D models, hyperlinks, images and colors to make the document more presentable or even more impressive. So, if you want to submit a catchy and unique CV to recruiters and increase your chances of landing a job, prefer creating your resume in PDF format.

The Practicality of PDF Format

PDF documents are easy to create, but also to read and to send. They have graphic integrity which makes them even more practical. It means that your resume in PDF format can be displayed with the same content and the same presentation of your choice, no matter which device is used by the recruiter to read it. There is no risk of losing information during the sending process.

The Universality of PDF Format

Due to the fact that PDF format can be used on any device, you can edit your curriculum vitae like a pro. There are features available to allow you to modify the document when there are changes or updates to be made. And as already mentioned above, you can send the modified data and the recruiter will receive it exactly as you send it.

High Quality Printing of the CV

If you need to print your resume, PDF format offers this huge advantage. What you create is what you get, which is not always the case if you use Microsoft Word to build your CV. The graphics will not be distorted and the layout will not be compromised.

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