The Best Bandhgala Looks Of The Season

Wedding season is the perfect opportunity for honing your personal style. Although there are several well-known wedding outfits for men, Bandhgalas are distinctive in the wedding world. But first, what exactly is the Bandhgala? Bandhgalas are also known as Jodhpuri suits in India. It is generally used for ceremonial purposes, and it’s appropriate for formal social gatherings like weddings. Silk or another suitable fabric is a premium pick amongst men. At the neckline and buttons, the cloth is generally lined with embroidery.

They are a popular pick for traditional occasions such as weddings, festivals, events, or parties with an ethnic dress code.This kurta enhances your overall appearance. It’s perfect for the wedding season because it’s trendy and attractive while also being crisp.

Bandhgalas are now “the look” to behold at Indian weddings. Depending on what you plan to wear, you can go for a long or short Bandhgala. Purple, maroon, scarlet, and navy blue pop and make a statement in silk or linen textiles. Here are some of our favourite Bandhgala looks for you to pick from!

  • Bandhgala Kurta with Sherwani

A Bandhgala kurta with Sherwani is the best wedding look, and you will be the event’s focal point. A kurta with a sherwani is the best Indian wedding wear, and pair it with an open-collar sherwani for the perfect effect.

  • Bandhgala’s Suits

Even Bollywood recognises the Bandhgala’s elegance, with celebrities like Ranbir Kapoor and Akshay Kumar wearing it. It’s stylish and has a great fit that accentuates your body. Bandhgala suits are the preferred attire of several Indian royal families.

The Jodhpuri Bandhgala suit is the type of Bandhgala that every man should have. It’s a fashionable match with a great mix of western and eastern tastes!

  • Prints on Bandhgala

Prints are hot this season, and our designers are following the current trends! Printed Bandhgalas are a great option if you want to stand out or make a bold statement! You may consider the holiday season, which begins in August, for gifting a Bandhgala to your loved one. Funky stripes, florals, geometrics, tropical themes, and heritage prints are just a few options. You can choose between a gentle and a bold print! Fusion-print Bandhgalas are appropriate for receptions, Mehendi rituals, and after-parties.

  • Bandhgala Jacket

Bandhgala jackets have been around for a long time. Although they were not recognised as Bandhgalas as we know them now, they were worn by many playwrights and artists from many disciplines.

  • With Side Buttons Bandhgala

Side buttons are great for adding a royal touch to your Bandhgala kurta. It is the perfect suit for weddings and other special occasions with embroidered sides and a lovely wedding design.

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