The best Bicycle Brands in the World


If you love riding bicycles, then you are contributing immensely to bringing down the negative effects of pollution. 

Riding bicycles can help in decreasing the adverse effects of pollution. Besides being environmentally friendly, it helps you to remain physically active and can lower the risk of various heart ailments.

The bicycle market offers you a wide range of bicycles to choose from, with dozens of models and brands.  So, picking up the best bicycle for you is frustrating, and may lead you to selection woes. 

Let’s discuss some top bicycle models in the world right now.  


Giant is a Taiwanese-based manufacturer, and it came into being in 1972 by King Liu. As the name suggests, it justifies its name by being the largest bicycle manufacturer in the world. This company has got international recognition and the trust of some world champion cyclists, like Tom Dumoulin, and Warren Barguil. 

If you are looking for some decent model, then the Giant Contend SL1 is a better option. This model offers you to have a handlebar-mounted ride. The easy to control switches between power modes enable you to view ride data like GPS, and speed. 


Merida is also a bicycle brand that has its origin in Taiwan. Merida bicycles were formed in 1972 by Ike Tseng. Although this company offers multiple ranges of bicycles, the main highlight of this brand is mountain bikes. Merida can outperform many other bicycle brands when it comes to its impeccable design and style. 

As it is one of the leading brands in manufacturing bicycles, Merida is relatively expensive than other brands. The bicycle frames comprise of full carbon with the use of standard quality of fibers. Agile handling, ingle-pivot rear suspension system helps the rider get past that quirky corners without any hassles. 


Cannondale is a bicycle manufacturing whose bases are in Wilton, USA. The company started its operation in the year 1971. Its founders were Joe Montgomery and Murdock MacGregor. The Cannondale SuperSix EVO is a carbon-made, all-rounder bike. 


The bike has an aerodynamic design around a flat back, and you have to lower your head while riding. The bike boast of a stiffer platform. A recently updated version has airfoil-shaped tubing. Apart from being sturdy and having an excellent finish, the bike is lightweight and provides smooth handling. 


Trek Bicycle Corporation came into effect in 1975. Its founders were Richard Burke and Bevil Hogg. Trek bicycles are built to upgrade your cycling experience to a whole new level through perfection and durability. Domane is one of the best third-generation bicycles, thanks to its comfort, versatility, performance, and practicality. 

With a blend of aerodynamic design, it boasts of a 38 mm tire, sleek internal storage, and hidden fender mounts. This model provides you with light steering and perfect handling. Another breakthrough advantage of this bike is compliance enhancing decouplers both at the front and the rear. This feature helps the rider in providing control and comfort.


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