The Best Pest Prevention Steps

Top 10 Pest Control Tips and Tricks to Keep Pests Away – The Urban Guide

Every homeowner and business owner can take some basic steps to keep pests at bay. Some things you can do are specific to the type of pest, but most are not. In general, keeping your home clean and sealed up will minimize the risk from termites, roaches, flies, ants, and mosquitos.

Prevent Easy Entry

Almost every old home and business has screens on windows and doors that do not seal off the window. Flies, ants, termites, or mosquitos will take advantage of those gaps. Inspect your door frames, window frames, and baseboards for gaps that will allow insects to enter the building. DIY prevention alone might not work. Invest in a regular inspection and, when needed, call in quality pest control Cape Coral FL to take care of a bug problem. 

Keep Things Clean

Don’t leave food scraps around, including in an open trash can or a dirty dish. Insects are drawn to easy sources of food, so if they can reach your kitchen through a window or a gap in the wall, they will. Think twice about salvaging a used piece of furniture. Sometimes that furniture hides termites or bedbugs. The cleanliness principle also applies outside your home or business. 

Mind the Outside of the Building

Insects are drawn to piles of debris and puddles. If those things are right near a door or window, insects will easily move debris to doorway to home. Stacks of old wood or plastic will attract roaches, ants, and probably mice. Check the outside of the building for small cracks or holes that might admit insects. You can also use certain plants as pest repellants. Different species work for different pests. 

Homeowners and business owners can take a variety of steps to keep pests out of their buildings. Sealing any gaps in windows, doors, or walls will help. Keeping the inside and outside can help as well. 



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