The Best Things to Do in Walla Walla in Spring

Spring is a great time to rejuvenate. Walla Walla offers many activities that will reinvigorate you after the slower days of winter. Hours of light are lengthening, which gives you more time to experience the great outdoors. Flowers and trees are shaking off their winter sleepiness and reemerging with bright, vibrant colors. Walla Walla in eastern Washington state offers plenty of options for all ages.

Enjoy the fun in Walla Walla!

Spring Release Weekend

The first full weekend in May, the wineries in Walla Walla open their doors for a fun celebration of wine-tasting. Spring Release refers to the new vintages of wines that the wineries have created. This event provides a stage for the wineries to boast about their innovative offerings. Participants in the Spring Release Weekend can purchase the new selections of wine before the vineyards have distributed them to stores and restaurants.

Many wineries will have a variety of activities to add to the excitement of spring. Music will add depth to the background of wine tastings. Wine flights, which are a selection of wines meant to be tasted one after another, will be presented to participants of the festival. Depending upon the winery, flights of cheese, charcuterie boards, or other pairings of food will be suggested to complement the taste of the wines.

Experience the artistry of winemaking during the Spring Release Weekend in Walla Walla.

Tour of Walla Walla

Walla Walla offers cyclists of all calibers an extensive array of country roads, mountainous terrains, and bike paths. These are available all year. Each season provides beautiful vistas that vary depending on the time of year.

The Tour of Walla Walla is held in early June with events starting on Friday. Over three days, there are four different races for cyclists. Two road races, a time trial, and a criterium are held. Criteriums are cycling races frequently held in cities that feature closed routes with four to six turns. The Criterium Race is held in the center of Walla Walla on the first Saturday of June.

Adding to this exciting event is a race for children on Saturday as well. Downtown merchants, area breweries and wineries, museums, art galleries, and restaurants are open providing plenty of other options for activities for all.

Come cheer on or ride in the Tour of Walla Walla!

Whitman College Sculpture Walk

College campuses are lively any time of year, but the energy in the spring is contagious. Touring Whitman College, you can view their Sculpture Walk. There are guided tours available or informational pamphlets for a self-guided tour. Or you can just walk the path and enjoy the incredible artwork on your own.

There are over twenty sculptures spread throughout the campus. The layout of the campus makes it accessible for all. Only a few of the sculptures are a bit challenging to access. These are located along the edge of ponds. However, the vast majority are easy to view. Artists from all over the world are represented here.

Experience the sculpture walk right near downtown Walla Walla.

Clare Louise

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