The bucket list for Taxco Mexico

What are your plans for Taxco Mexico? Mexico is an extremely tourist friendly nation, with countless possibilities. It’s a region rich in geography, lifestyle, culture and heritage. Hence, if you visit this place unplanned, you are sure to be lost in its variety and miss out on many attractions. Before you pack your bag, do pause for a moment and check out the things to do in Taxco Mexico.

Taxco Mexico is an enriching display of South American culture. Although traditionally, the city was known for its silver mining and silverware, it’s no more the major economic contributor. Tourism, is currently the dominant industry of Taxco. With visually inspiring architecture and exotic landscape, Taxco is currently a major tourist attracting location in Mexico.

What you must not miss

When touring any location there are three things in general that we get drawn toward. The history of a place, the nature in and around it and the lifestyle of its inhabitants. Similarly for Taxco, there are these three areas you need to experience. Most of the things to do in Taxco, Mexico are surrounding its medieval Christian architecture, the exotic landscape and the vibrant lifestyle of its people.

Ponder on the contrast of Santa Prisca

Tempelo De Santa Prisca is The icon of Taxco, and one of the iconic spots in all of Mexico. The elaborate constructural decoration, are the significant element of this structure. The churrigueresque facades made of rose-coloured stones are said to look exquisite in sunlight. The contrast found in this iconic structure is what sets it apart from most churches of its time. Whilst the belfries of the church are decorative, like in typical baroque architecture -its nave is simple and elegant.

Bird’s eye view from Christ the redeemer

Christ the redeemer is not exclusive to Rio. Taxco too has its own Christ the redeemer statue. Although not as magnificent, it still serves as an excellent view point to gaze at the nature, that is growing within and around this city. Located on Cerro del Atache hill -the best view is during the sunset from the Christ view point.

Try the silver

This city is dubbed the silver capital of Mexico -and for good reason. This city has one of the best silver jewellery and artifacts to offer in the entire nation. Having a rich heritage, the people take their silverware very seriously. You can visit the silver Museum, Museo De la Plateria, for a history lesson. You can take a stroll down the Tianguis De la Plata, the silver street market.

The Easter week celebration

If you can plan your trip during the holy Easter week, then you can catch the Semana Santa. If you are a fan of biblical events, you will love Taxco’s version of this religious celebration. The Semana Santa parades include, the Procession of the souls of Purgatory, the Procession of Virgins, the Procession of the Santisima Trinidad, and the Procession of Jesus Christs.

All the way -cableway

Take a ride on the Teleferico De Taxco. These Swiss made cableway cars take a scenic route across mountains of Mexico. The cable car starts from the mountain hotel Montetaxco and reaches Taxco town in ten minutes. Christ the redeemer and the cableway ride are the two best ways to view the natural beauty of Taxco.

Take a tour of the Hispanic history

If you are a history buff looking for things to do in Taxico Mexico, you must not miss the Museo Guillermo Spratling. Hispanic heritage is a rich source of various Anthropological researches. The early men of this region, were well known for their genius and wealth. Automatically, they leave a long and strong trail of cultural history. The William Spratling Museum is a fine exhibition. Pre-Hispanic handiwork are at large in this museum. You will also find 200 Mesoamerican anthropological exhibitions.

For art enthusiasts

Casa Borda is the official art center of Taxco. If you are an art enthusiast looking for things to do in Taxico Mexico, this is your spot. With four floors, Casa Borda houses 14 exhibition rooms. This is a place to contemplate and satisfy your intellectual hunger, over sculptures, photographs and paintings.


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