The Common Questions Asked About Eyelash Extensions

Have you ever seen people with lashes that look like what celebrities would have? It is most likely that they got eyelash extensions. They are a growing necessity in the beauty industry today. Girls and boys are getting them from Korean beauty studios, or they are attaching them by themselves!

Knowing its accessibility, you might be looking into getting them too. If you are the type of person afraid to do anything that could damage their eyes, it might be good to know more about it. In this way, you can erase your fears and finally gain the courage to get this fashion must-have.

In this article, you will learn all about eyelash extensions in Singapore. By answering the common questions about this beauty service, you will be assured that nothing bad is going to happen to you when you get them. Allow this article to be your guide about the current craze in the beauty and makeup industry!


What are Eyelash Extensions?

Made from synthetic fibres, these are semi-permanent hairs attached to your natural eyelashes to make your lash fringe look longer, fuller, and darker. When you get them in beauty studios, each fibre will be applied to each of your natural lashes, individually. It practises the one extension per natural eyelash.

However, there are market-bought eyelash extensions that do not need a long application process. These extensions are already lined together, which give you the convenience of attaching them with no hassle. Simply apply glue and fasten it close to your lash line, and you are good to go. These are removable, but the quality is not as good as what you will get from an authentic eyelash extension service.


Are There Types of Eyelash Extensions?

There are about three types of eyelash materials that lash artists use. The mink, silk, synthetic, and some studios also offer “faux mink”, which are essentially synthetic extensions that mimic mink extensions.

The best eyelash extensions studio in Singapore will provide you with the preferred material that you want. If you are a vegan or allergic to cats, you should request that they do not use mink lash extensions. To provide more detailed information about the types of extensions you can get, here are the popular ones:


Faux mink lashes

Compared to the mink lashes, faux mink lashes are synthetic. Even so, it does not compromise the look that the former can give. When you get mink eyelash extensions you will also have the same natural-looking lashes and the same lightweight feel. What makes this type stand out is that you can get in for a lower cost, and they are the perfect vegan option!

Additionally, faux mink lashes will not lose their curl effect if they get wet. To assure that you will get what this type of lashes offer, only get them from a studio or a salon that uses premium quality faux mink. Rest assured that you will be getting the results you want.

Silk lashes

Another great vegan option for those who are averse to certain types of furs is silk lashes. These are the happy medium between mink and synthetic lashes. It is the type of eyelash extension that can give you a fuller appearance without the extravagance of faux mink lashes.

What consumers like about this is it tends to be thicker at the bottom and gradually become thinner towards the tip. With that, you will have a fuller lash line that can be achieved without using an eyeliner. When applied right, these extensions require little maintenance. Swim, bathe, and play sports all you want without worrying that your lashes will lose their curl or fall out!

Ultra-soft sable lashes

These are called sable lashes because they came from the fur of a forest animal found in many parts of Russia and Siberia called the sable. It is one of the popular types of lashes among beauty salons for eyelash extensions in Singapore. Why? They are thinner lash extensions you can get.

If you do not like wearing the thicker options mentioned above, these are the lashes for you. Sable lashes provide a natural wispy look as they go hand-in-hand with the natural lashes that you have. So, no one can guess if you are wearing extensions. These are perfect for everyday wear and family occasions when wearing too much makeup is frowned upon.

This type of lashes are difficult to find, but you can ask around Korean beauty studios because they are the ones that can offer this service!

Brown colour lashes

Yes, you can have brown-coloured lashes. It has become increasingly popular because it provides a dramatic fluff compared to black-coloured eyelash extensions. These lashes can give any woman who wants to emphasise their eyes in a more natural-looking way.

It is an excellent choice for people with a lighter complexion. These lashes can match their skin tone much better than dark ones, resulting in a beautiful look! First-time clients will love how these lashes look because it helps them ease into the bold, stunning look that dark lashes give.

Remember that people have different preferences when it comes to the extension type of their lashes. Typically, the top choices would be the mink and silk lashes because they can give you a more natural look. Others will prefer synthetic lashes since those are thicker and darker, suitable for a bolder look.


Why Should I Get Eyelash Extensions?

Now that you have considerably larger knowledge about eyelash extensions, it might be time that you consider getting one. If you are still on the fence, here are three top reasons why you should get extensions:

Be-more-confidentBe more confident

Are you uncomfortable when people look you in the eye? You might be conscious of how you lack several hairs in your eyelashes. With extensions, you can instantly and somewhat dramatically enhance your eyes. They will look brighter and less tired, giving you more confidence to talk to people while making eye contact!

Do your daily tasks with ease

One common worry of customers in eyelash extensions salons in Singapore is that they will sacrifice certain activities to maintain their lashes. It is not true that you can no longer swim when you have lash extensions. After the first 48 hours, you can go about your business as usual, including showering and swimming!

Save time in the morning

Do you wake up early in the morning to do your makeup? Well, say goodbye to those types of mornings because you no longer have to include eye makeup in your morning routine. Some would use this time to stay a few more minutes in bed, and you could too. Imagine the time you will save without having to put and remove eye makeup!

For these reasons, it is apparent that it is favourable to people who want to look and feel good without compromise! As long as you find a skilful lash artist, you will enjoy its results, and you might become addicted to it. Some find that this is a regular beauty routine, but you might be curious about the right time to get eyelash extensions.

When is the Right Time to Get Eyelash Extensions?

There is no wrong time to get eyelash extensions. As long as you are 18 and over, you can get them from well-reputable beauty studios or salons in your area. When you are 16 or only about to be 18, your parents or a guardian must be present during the treatment.

Do Eyelash Extensions Hurt?

First-timers often have this fear. If you also have this fear, rest assured that the application of eyelash extensions does not hurt when applied correctly. There are professional tools that artists use to carefully apply one extension to your natural lash. To avoid discomfort during application and also aid in doing lashes techniques, they will put under eye gel pads.

Remember to only get your lash extensions from a certified professional and a reputable beauty salon to ensure you will get what you paid for.

Will Eyelash Extensions Damage My Natural Lashes?

Another common misconception about eyelash extensions is the claim that you will damage your natural lashes if you get them. It is not true. As long as your lash artist applied for your chosen lash extensions correctly, it will not damage your natural lashes.

As you may know, premium quality eyelash extensions require time and precision. Therefore, lash extensions can only be damaging if your lash artist did not use proper techniques in applying it or they have done it in haste. If they take their time, you will still have your healthy natural lashes and enjoy the benefits of having extensions!


What Should I Do Before Getting Eyelash Extensions?

Now that your heart is set to getting your eyelash extensions in Singapore beauty studios, it is time that you know what to do before your appointment. Here are the steps you should follow to prepare for your lash extensions:


Shower before going to the studio

Newly-applied eyelash extensions should not come in contact with water or steam within 48 hours to let the glue set properly. Therefore, you should shower before you go to the salon or beauty studio.

Wear comfortable clothing

The time it takes to finish an appointment for eyelash extensions is around 75 to 90 minutes. When you find a good beauty studio that offers consultation, expect to be there for 90 to 120 minutes. As such, wear comfortable clothing that allows you to relax.

Remove eye makeup

Avoid applying makeup near the eyes because it will only be removed before the session starts. To save time and makeup, come in with a clean face.


What Do I Do to Make My Eyelash Extensions Longlasting?

You want to make the most out of your beauty investment. Well, there are ways you can do to make your eyelash extensions last longer! Here are some tips that you can follow:


Sleep on your back

If you like sleeping with your face pushed into your pillow, expect your lashes to fall out quickly. To avoid this, make it a habit to sleep on your back. Have pillows on each side to avoid turning over while sleeping.

Use oil-free makeup remover

Oil can loosen the adhesiveness of glue. As a result, your eyelash extensions will fall out quicker than you expected. What you can do when you want to remove your eye makeup is to use an oil-free makeup remover. Switching to a mild facial cleanser will help too!

Do not play with them

It is hard to keep your hands off your new lashes, but you should learn how to control yourself. Avoid playing with them or even trying to pull one of them out. You may never know that it might be one of your natural lashes.


Where Should I Get Eyelash Extensions?

Among the salons and beauty studios you see in the streets, you should only get the best eyelash extensions service in one Singapore salon. To know what to look for in a good salon, take note of these qualities:


Trained lash artists

Some institutions certify lash artists for their skills in this practice. When looking for a beauty studio, ensure that they have skilful lash artists!

Customisable options

As mentioned, there are several types of eyelash extensions that you can get. A reliable beauty salon can offer them all for you, from mink to brown lashes!

Award-winning studio

Awards and certifications ensure clients that the studio is a preferred service provider in Singapore. As much as possible, book an appointment with these recognised studios only!


Dreamy Korean Eyelash Extensions from Dreamlash

If you have watched Korean dramas or subscribe to the artists of their music, you will see how they have large beautiful eyes. Little did everyone know that they get eyelash extensions!

Compared to the time-consuming application of mascara and falsies, getting eyelash extensions from Dreamlash can do wonders for you. They can turn your dream of Korean lashes into reality. With their premium high-quality lashes materials, you can achieve a natural-looking look. Go for their Korean Volume Bobo for everyday wear, or get their Korean Volume Yeppo for a pretty and romantic look.

Ride the trend on dreamy Korean lashes today and book an appointment on their website!


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