The dangers of one-wheeling and possible safety measures

First of all, a motorcycle is an open ride that gives you a seat but leaves your body at the mercy of the wind, road, and four- or more wheeled vehicles. This is the reason why some elders also call the motorcycle a satanic ride on which the rider just sits and loves to fly as if they are flying an airplane.

Never think of your bike as an airplane!

Most motorcycle accidents happen because most young people think of motorcycles as airplanes, and one-wheeling is a clear example of this. If it is ever possible for them, they will do zero-wheeling instead of one wheeling in a way that both wheels of the motorcycle should be down and the legs of these youngsters should be up.

The objective is not to criticize but to correct

The purpose of all these bold statements is not to criticize, but to correct. What should I advise those who do not wear helmets to wear boots? Nevertheless, I must fulfill my duty. I think it is my duty to protect my head in the event of a possible accident by wearing a helmet and wearing the best motorcycle boots.

Nowadays, girls also ride motorcycles. It is not surprising that girls ride motorcycles, it is their birthright but surprisingly, some girls also do one wheeling, and I have seen it with my own sinful eyes.

Final remarks

My advice to you is that if you have to do one-wheeling, you should wear a helmet as well as the best motorcycle boots so that you do not face a lifelong disability in case of falling. I hope you enjoyed this overview of the dangers of one-wheeling and possible safety measures, because I hope that those who do one-wheeling will also cherish their lives. That is, no one would do one-wheeling with suicidal intent, even though it looks like it.

Clare Louise

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