The easiest way to fix air pockets in water lines


It’s not the boogieman coming to get you, instead, it’s air pockets in your water lines that you keep hearing. Sometimes as your toilet or the pipes in your sink start to fill with water, you’ll hear loud noises and possibly clunking.

How water flows through your pipes

Water flows into your home through your well or your local city water pipes. Once the water enters into your main water supply, the water moves into your home’s water tanks. As you open your water faucets, turn on your shower, or flush your toilet water fills up.

I hear noises from my water pipes

When this happens, check that your water valve is on and open all faucets for a solid 15 minutes as this can sometimes help remove air pockets as water will pass through the line and out the faucet.

If you’ve tried this and you still hear air in the pipes, it is time to call your local plumbing company and have a technician come out to your home to help you solve the issue.

Possible issues

If you’ve tried to flush your system yourself and called a technician to come out to your home, it’s likely they may find some common issues with your pipes such as leaks, holes, or damage to the pipes.

Maintenance appointments

Just like most items in your home, you need to perform maintenance and plumbing is no exception. You should schedule a plumbing technician to come out annually to check your pipes and water heater.

David Curry

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