The Future of Blue Collar Employment

In spite of how technology is shaping the future, trade schools all across the country are reminding the industries how blue-collar professionals are still in high demand. In fact, in many areas, those who work as mechanics, electricians, or plumbers make more money when compared to those who work in a position requiring bachelor degrees. On a low estimate, there average pay of blue-collar occupations is around $52,000 a year, but when you move into more specialized areas like aircraft mechanics or electronic repair procedures Key Largo FL technicians offer, the salary can go much higher. Around the Atlanta area, plumbers are reported to make almost $90,000 a year in wages and commissions.

The Cost-Efficiency of Blue Collar Work

In spite of the high paying jobs that most college graduates earn after their education is complete, graduates often struggle to manage their student loan debts for the next few decades. However, with trade programs often being included in many state-sponsored programs as tuition-free degrees, many people have the opportunity to secure good-paying jobs without the pressure of student loans. Employers are also more willing to cover trade programs that can advance the skills within the workplace.

The Future of Business Needs

Many businesses have moved away from degree requirements for certain positions, with Apple CEO Tim Cook reaffirming the idea publicly. In 2018, half of Apple’s new hires didn’t have a bachelor’s degree. This is a trend continuing across the nation, and for all of the industries that are set to have exponential growth over the next five years, only registered nursing had a college degree requirement. For those looking to work with their hands or perform more traditional, old-school jobs, this is a gift. By 2026, it is estimated that 64% of job opportunities will not require formal education past a high school diploma.

Career potential comes in many forms, and trade school opportunities can increase your skill level in certain fields. Don’t discount the importance of blue-collar positions for a thriving economy.

David Curry

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