The Perfect 2 Days Itinerary in Bali Indonesia

Bali has its striking views. The views are fast-flowing rivers through deep gorges, volcanoes that rise out of the sea, and valleys enveloped with rice paddies that glow gold in the sun — you’ll be awed by the Island of the Rings. The Balinese are a generous people. They provide all they need to temples, dance with complete pleasure in festivals, and their tilling of the subjects is equal parts sweet and pride! If it excites your curiosity. Read beforehand as we give you a perfect itinerary to discover the essence of Bali in 2 days!

Stay in Canggu in 2 Days

Hidden beneath the glamour of Bali, is the sleepy village of Canggu. Hemmed utilizing a boundary of sandy shores, where the ocean has a year-round surf. This town is a strip of dish cafes, warungs (local food stalls), and yes, even entertaining co-work spaces! Begin your trip from here, and then we guarantee which a cool breeze fragrant with the aroma of frangipani will continuously remind you of Canggu.

Day 1

  • Dive to A Delicious Breakfast

Kickstart your day with a delicious breakfast in some of the cafes or juice bars. When it’s vegetarian or some plain old chicken, then you can anticipate a dose of healthiness to the menu. We are talking lip-smacking dishes mixed with chickpeas, avocados, almonds, chia seeds — the works!

  • Go to The Pura Tanah Lot Temple

Next, head out researching the Tanah Lot Complex. Legend says that a priest from Java well-travelled to Bali on a search to spread Hinduism along with the place he arrived at is currently Pura Tanah Lot. It is a temple devoted to Baruna, the sea god.

A 30-minute driveway from Canggu, the temple is perched on a rocky outcrop — a simple find, especially since it is possible to stick to the sea of souvenir shops lining the road to make it to the entry. Enter the massive gates and learn more about the area.

  • Travelling Around Canggu’s Streets

As the sun dips in the skies overhead, Canggu comes alive teeming with lights — an ideal time to explore the city or chill with a beer. Rent a scooter or a bicycle and go searching for walls full of modern street art that stand directly beside fantastic rice paddies. In terms of shopping, do not forget to visit the “Love Anchor” market to select up quirky souvenirs, jewellery, and bags. A real treat indeed!

  • Having Dinner at The Lawn

When you are done winding the quaint streets of this town, it is time for supper and beverages at any of the beach clubs around, the most famous being a thatch-roofed restaurant “The Lawn”. Dive into world cuisine, right from fish tacos to Balinese roast beef. With full bellies, sink right into bean bags from the beach with a signature cocktail in hand, while the DJ plays low jazz songs that transform into hip hop sticks at night fast approaches.

Day 2

While your heart wishes to lounge about in Canggu eternally, it’s time to take a day excursion to a different side of Bali — Ubud. One hour off, the journey is merely delightful as you find the road paves the way to get a charming countryside full of waterfalls. A must-visit before you reach Ubud is Tegenungan waterfalls.

  • Fresh Off At Tegenungan Waterfalls

Walk down a trail of rock steps, where you can only hear the quick gushing sounds of the cascading waterfall. While the view in the conclusion of these steps is beautiful and majestic, just another big draw here are the fun photo props. As you present under a huge heart sign or test out the Bali Swing, be sure to say cheese!

  • Explore The Centre Of Ubud

When you get in the town, roam about winding roads to explore the many art markets, lotus pools, as well as palaces. In addition to locals, you will observe sizable ex-pat inhabitants around. Say hello, and you might have to hear stories of how individuals came here and slowly fell in love with Ubud.

  • Gaze A Sunset In Tegalalang Rice Terrace

When the sun starts to set, go to the Tegalalang Rice Terraces. See the rows of rice paddies come alive using a drama of orange and yellow in the rays of sunlight, and ultimately let them go pristine green. Stand amid the plants that are seeded or caper across the areas, and it is bound to be a day to remember. Do not forget to try the jungle swing here.

 Staying in Bali for 2 days actually is not enough for you. But you can arrange your itinerary to get the best holiday in Bali, Indonesia. Let’s explore Bali more, and please visit Wonderful Indonesia.

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