The perfect hair brush will depend how perfectly you have chosen according to your hair

Pneumatic, paddle, round, wooden, electric, with boar’s bristles, synthetic – the world of brushes and styling tools is really vast, and to choose which products to use you need to know the features. Choosing the right brush is as important as choosing the right shampoo, conditioner or hair dryer. The scalp needs to be massaged so as to stimulate blood circulation, and proper brushing.

Let’s start with a general assumption

The brushes are divided mainly into two families, pneumatic brushes and round brushes. The pneumatic brushes are those mainly used for combing. They can be found with more or less long bristles and with different thicknesses. The bristles are generally made of plastic or wild boar. It is very important to choose the right brush suitable for your type of hair. The GHD paddle brushis the most popular, and most transversal, but recommended for medium-long and long hair. Care should also be taken with regard to which bristles to choose, the very thin ones are indicated for wet hair, as opposed to large ones.

The round brushes are instead those used for folding. They are of different types, the thermal ones with aluminum tube and bristles that can be in boar, nylon or reinforced boar, and those with the body all in wood, and bristles generally in boar or reinforced boar. Then there are the new generation brushes that combine the thermal brush with the wooden one. That is they have a wooden body covered with aluminum, and bristles that are generally in wild boar or reinforced boar.

But which one to choose?

It depends on the style you want, and that’s why we’ve simplified the choice for the consumer. The only thing left to choose is the diameter, S for short hair, M for medium-long hair and L for long hair. To obtain an extreme smoothness the right brush is the wood brush which guarantees a perfect hold of the lock. To give volume, the brush to have is the round thermal brush that guarantees a uniform distribution of heat, a total closure of the scales for a healthy and luminous hair. The material of the brush itself is also important.

Rules and tips to select the brush

Having shiny and compact hair as soon as you leave a hairdressing salon is the goal, but how do you get it? When washing your hair, it is always good to keep an average temperature, never too high, because it opens the hair scales that are brittle, and break in the famous split ends. A little trick is also to do the last rinse with fresh water that seals the hair scales well, and makes the hair bright and healthy.

To be healthy, the hair must be clean because the hair bulb has to breathe, and if too much sebum is deposited it does not breathe, and in lack of oxygen it becomes weaker. To keep them always clean it is good to brush them a couple of times GHD paddle brush pink model to eliminate dust, and impurities that accumulate, and to avoid the formation of knots. Another fundamental attention is to the materials of the styling tools, and to the temperatures at which they are used. It is important to remember when the hair is wet are in their moment of maximum fragility, and it is necessary to treat them with combs and paddle brushes on as wide as possible to reduce friction.

The opinion of hair styling experts

It is good to know that any mechanical action has consequences for the hair – risk of breakage, facilitating fragility, weakening and falling. So it is necessary to follow simple instructions to better treat your hair. As a general rule it is good to choose instruments that are appropriate to your type of hair, delicate and professional, that do not attack the hair too much. However it is always good not to make too tight tails or hairstyles that pull the hair.Before washing the head, it would be a good idea to apply an oil or a mask to facilitate comb ability. Same thing after washing. Always apply an oil or a conditioner. Products rich in natural oils, and anti-age hyaluronic acid are excellent and preferable, because hair also ages and care must be taken.

Even the styling toolsare likely to be a double-edged sword if handled in the wrong way. The most recent ones are designed not to damage the hair. Going against the nature of one’s hair is not good. You can do it occasionally, smoothing or curling the stem, but not every day and not as usual. On the other hand, you can give your hair the best healthy treatment either by taking supplements or external treatments that help the health of the hair from within.

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