The Perfect Stay at Mykonos: What Kind of Choice You Can make

By taking an offer including only the flight and accommodation, you should realize significant savings. But it’s up to you to calculate according to your budget and your style of travel there. Because if you expect to eat at a restaurant at all meals, life is expensive in Mykonos, you still risk exploding your budget. The ace VIP is the ultimate choice there.

Rather than opting for a package, you can also take your flights and your hotel separately, this allows greater flexibility and also a greater choice.

Mykonos is surely the party island in Greece, but if you take the time to discover it, it will reveal its other facets to you:

The museums: The Maritime Museum bears witness to the long history of the Greek islands in the conquest of the sea. The Folk Museum deals more with the traditions of the region and the country. To discover more ancient artifacts, you can also visit the Archaeological Museum of Mykonos, which is open daily during the tourist season and which will cost you € 4. Remember to check the schedules in advance, because they vary according to the day of the week.

Delos: If you are interested in ancient history, you should definitely visit the islet of Delos, sacred place where Appollon and his sister Artemis were born according to mythology. This is why Delos had great importance during antiquity, and keeps its uniqueness until today. To visit Delos, you will find small boats that leave from the port of Chora in front of the Church of Saint Nicolas. A guided tour will take you around 3 hours. The price of boat tickets is around € 20, and € 50 for guide tickets.

Architecture: If you want to discover the architecture of Mykonos, mandatory stop by the Alefkandra district in Chora (downtown Mykonos). A passage through the “Little Venice” is essential, where you will find bars and restaurants by the sea. Be careful however because it is a very touristy place, therefore ideal to visit outside the high season.


Mykonos is a very pretty island, but if you have several days of vacation, you can visit other destinations thanks to the easy connections between the islands and to the capital. You can for example visit Athens and Mykonos, or even make a trip Athens, Mykonos,Santorini, to discover all the most known destinations in Greece if you have more than a week of vacation.

Many travel agencies offer organized tour offers and, even if they are a little more expensive than a trip to a single destination, it is quite possible to find good plans. At the Mykonos villa rentals – The Ace VIP you can have the best time and stay. It is the ultimate option that you can go for.

Last minute travel

Finding a cheap last-minute stay for Mykonos is no easy task especially if you are trying to leave during the high season. You can still count on your favorite detectives to share these offers if they are available but we are not going to lie to you, they are rare.On the other hand, if you want to leave at the start or end of the season (May – June or September – October), you will be much more likely to find your happiness.



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