The Relationship Between Snow and Roofs

While snow is beautiful to look at it, fun to play in, and acts as a centerpiece for multiple vacations, it can also particularly harsh on the roof of a house. Many homeowners look at the snow atop their roofs and decide that the spring sun is going to take care of the problem naturally. The bad news is that this can be incredibly harmful to the roof and can threaten people’s property and well-being. In order to understand how this can happen, it is important to look at some of the dangers that are caused by snow on top of roofs.

The Problem of Attic Condensation

When snow and ice pile on top of the roof, there is a good chance that the ceiling of the attic is going to develop condensation. Eventually, this condensation is going to pose a problem. As moisture collects throughout the ceiling, this is going to lead to the growth of mold. Mold has the potential to cause serious health problems, particularly to people with conditions such as asthma and COPD. This mold can be difficult to remove and expensive to treat.

Furthermore, this moisture can also lead to the formation of wood rot. This is going to damage the integrity of the ceiling, causing structural issues. In order to prevent attic condensation from developing, any leaks in the insulation of the attic floor should be plugged. This will prevent the entry of moist air.

The Danger of Snow Loads

Every homeowner needs to have access to a reliable snow load calculator. Different roofs have been designed to handle different weights of snow. Furthermore, some roofs may experience changes in the amount of snow they can handle over the course of their lives. The risk of too much ice and snow on top of a roof is very real. The biggest danger is the threat of roof collapse.

The reality is that snow is heavy. Wet snow is even heavier. This can exert tremendous pressure on certain focal points of the roof. All it takes is one crack in the roof’s structure to send the entire thing caving in. This is a serious situation and highlights the importance of routine roof inspections.

A Major Safety Issue

Problems with a roof pose a major safety threat to everyone inside in addition to creating significant repair bills. In order to prevent this from happening, every homeowner must have their roof inspected annually.


David Curry

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