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Keep an eye on the trench battles too. Good field positions are crucial in the team’s chances to score points.


In American Football of situs poker online 24 jam, rain, sun or snow, the ball will be launched or not. In games with rain and snow, we hardly see passes, with teams trying to establish their racing game. Thus, it is difficult to expect many points, as the clock will run faster and the teams will not have any trying possessions to write down points. And if a team is very strong in the aerial game, like the Colts for example, a match where this sector is affected will directly influence the result.


Putting on a show, fans are a precious asset for many teams. In the NFL for example, teams like Seattle Seahawks are very powerful at home. So, if your favorite is playing there, it’s a good idea to rethink your bet.

The crowd influences a lot because in the FA the teams are constantly communicating, calling plays, etc. So, if the crowd makes a lot of noise, the opponent’s attack may not be able to communicate and this will impair their play.

Preview of the game:

The NFL website always points out injured, questionable players, and that can greatly influence a bet. Even a less-known player can be a key element of defense. If QB got hurt, that’s a problem for sure. 

Questionable wide receiver? Betting on your performance is out of the question

Stay tuned also in the teams campaign. Last week we saw the Patriots classified as mega favorites against the Bills, but right at the beginning of the game the coach decided to save QB Tom Brady for the playoffs. The Patriots bet on that game was bad, especially with odds at 1.21.

Likewise, the worst teams have privileged positions in next season’s draft. It is to be expected then that if they are already eliminated, it may not be the coach’s priority to win the match, but rather to ensure a position that allows him to improve a lot for the next season.

Be careful, as in these cases we have players giving their all to keep their jobs, as was the case with the Redskins against the Eagles. The team was already eliminated, but RGIII wanted to show that he could be the guy in the franchise. The team beat the Eagles in a great game, in a game that practically decreed Philadelphia’s elimination from the playoffs.

Moneyline (game winner)

It is the most common bet of all bookmakers. Here you bet on who will win the match, the home team or the visitor. We do not have the option of betting on a draw, as this result is very rare, and it only occurs in the regular season if the match is tied after extra time.


This is a market where you bet on the difference in points for a given match. For details, watch the video above.

In American Football the handicap is for points, that is, you bet that a team will win by at least a certain difference in points, or that they will not lose by so many points (positive handicap). It is widely used to increase the odds in choosing the favorite, or to reduce the risks in the zebra, when you have doubts that it will win, but you believe that losing will not be much.

Total Points

The house fixes a number of points for the confrontation, and you bet if the game will have more or less points than the fixed one. If you do a match analysis, you can have a good estimate of the match score.


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