Things you should do before you renovate your home

Doing a house renovation can be an adventure, one that can easily go down well or go off the rails. Supposing you are considering doing a renovation to your home, it is important to know that there are several wrongs turns as a homeowner you can take, from hiring a shady contractor for your project to going over the planned budget, to realizing that the paint color you pick is not appealing after the renovation work is completed.

Before you start doing a renovation, you need to prepare well so that your renovation turns out all right. Here are some important advice from a design and build company on things you should do before you embark on a major home renovation project to avoid a lot of regrets and headaches

Know what you like

This may look easy, but it is essential that you have a plan in place. For example, if you want a totally new kitchen, you need to figure out if whether to do the cosmetic changes like if you will need new cupboards, appliances, and counters, or whether to do the structural changes like knocking down a wall to increase the kitchen space or reconfigure your space. It is important that you research well on decorating magazines, watch design shows or browse online to help guide you in the design direction that you want.

Test run your colors and materials

Before you settle on any kind of material that you will need for the renovation work, order samples of everything that you will need from fabrics to carpet, recommends mount, and take a few days to study them.

Colors and patterns usually change with the amount of light that enters the room throughout the day, so it would be best if you walk in the room several times during the day to get a feel for what you will want. Additionally, be bold enough to put as many colors on your wall to settle for the one that will appeal to you. You can also paint some boards with several colors and move them around the room during the day and night as you study them.

Vet your contractor

The kind of contractor you will choose to do the renovation work will be key to ensure your renovation work turns up well. You need to do a full-blown check about the contractor that you will hire and not just looking into online reviews or references. These will be helpful, go the extra mile and get proof of the following details: contractor’s license, lien history, bond certification, and number, and certification of insurance cover for the liability and workers compensation in case of an accident.

And remember, you will be spending quality time with your contractor during the entire duration of the renovation project, it is important that you take your time to conduct in-person interviews to find their professional fit and personal traits to hire a person you can trust who will deliver quality work.

Insist on an airtight contract

Starting a renovation project will be the honeymoon stage; things will look good at the start. You need to be ready for tough times ahead. That why you need to ensure that you sign a contract with your contract that will be specific. It needs to include the following: payment schedule plan, timelines, potential penalties for missed deadlines, and details of all the renovation work to be carried out.

This document will not only protect you, but it will also put the contractor on notice that you mean business.

Time your renovation right

Lastly, it is crucial that you work with a timeline. Renovation work tends to run over scheduled time which may at times not be anyone’s fault. It would be wise to expect you will have delays, so as you plan for renovation, allocate ample time for it not to interfere with other plans like visitation or trips out of town.

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