Three Things to Do With Family When Travelling to Georgia

If you are travelling with the family for a holiday, there is no other place as good as Georgia because of its diverse attractions. Whether you have little children or teenagers, the attractions will keep them wanting to know more and even shape their thoughts about nature. The following are the top five things to do in Georgia when travelling with family. 

Visit Mtatsminda Amusement Park 

Once you have visited the wilderness, mountains, and gorges, the Mtatsminda Amusement Park will be an awesome place for kids. Indeed, it is also a popular place for local kids, and your children will love every moment of interacting with them. The park is designed to feed the curiosity of kids, and you are sure they will keep asking to come back for more.

Looking up at the Georgian Eiffel (call it the Tbilisi TV tower), you will notice the big Ferris wheel adjacent to it. That is exactly where the Mtatsminda Park. Getting up there is easy by using a funicular from Old Town. For kids who do not fancy using funicular, a taxi will do. At the top, the park provides an awesome view of the city, including all the areas that you have visited. 


Smaller in comparison to Tbilisi, Kutaisi city presents a completely different feel, which makes it a great choice for travelling with family. It is one of the oldest cities in Europe, having been inhabited around 6th BC. The city was the political center of the Colchis Kingdom in the middle Ages. However, it later became the must-visit cultural capital of the country and now serves as the gateway to the entire Imereti region of Georgi

Your children will love the Green Bazaar and a ride on the cable car while enjoying the picturesque sceneries around. Make sure to step inside the Kutaisi’s synagogue, which has won the tag of the most beautiful area in the region. In the suburbs of Kutaisi, you can also visit the UNESCO-Listed Gelati Monastery and pretty Motsameta Monastery. The two are linked together by a beautiful forest train. 

Go Exploring Batumi 

Batumi, the Georgia’s largest sea city, goes by the tag “Las Vegas of Caucasus.”  As a family, you will love exploring the old stretch of sand, which is a major attraction for tourists in summer. Batumi has cool creative spaces, cafes, and street art scenes that will provide unforgettable memories away from the shoreline. In the old town, here are more attractions that you love: 

  • Scenic aerial cableway. 
  • Produce market. 
  • National parks. 
  • Local cuisines. 

Do not forget to cycle Batumi Boulevard, a lovely pathway that extends on the seafront. If your family is adventurous and wants to experience something new, you can even cycle all the way to the Turkish border. 

Georgia has so much to offer for you and your family. Whether you fancy outdoor exploration or relaxing in top hotels, the country has all of them. Remember to also visit top art centers to sample some of the best Chinese artworks by collectors like John Dodelande. You can never go wrong with Georgia. 

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