Tips for choosing storage facility services for your RV or boat

RVs and boats are huge investments that require careful planning when buying. Apart from the unit itself, you need to consider insurance and storage facilities to store them when not in use. If you use your RV or boat only during summer, you need to carefully select an RV and boat storage facility that will keep your unit intact for all those months. So, what are the features of a good boat, RV and trailer storage facility? Read on to find out.


The main reason why you opt for a storage facility and not store the RV in your compound is to improve security.  Your ideal facility must have concrete measures in place to ensure that your boat or RV is safe all through. The facility should provide you with the peace of mind that you will find your watercraft or RV where you left it in good condition. Some of the  security features you should check include bright lighting, secure electric locks, security cameras, and the facility’s neighborhood. Go round and check how well the storage units are constructed and enquire if the gate is code-locked.

Availability and flexibility

Before settling down for a specific storage facility, please make sure you can access it anytime you want in case you want to use your RV or Boat. Nothing feels more frustrating than going to pick your item at a facility only to be stopped or denied access for not informing the facility on time. Any flexible facility should allow you to use your unit anytime you want. For this reason, only go for facilities that are run by owners where you can communicate directly with the owner. When it comes to payments, your facility should allow you to pay flexibly throughout the year. Annual payments may not work for everyone, especially if you like to use your RV every two or three months. They should also have long-term storage payment plans for people who keep their units for more than a year.


Size matters, especially if you are keeping a massive watercraft. Go for a facility that allows easy access, view, and movement of your RV or boat if you want to. If the place looks rather congested, the chances of accidents happening are higher. The facility should also have equipment and machines to help move units and create ample space for all boats and RVs.

Facility cleanliness

The last thing you want is to walk into a storage facility to get your RV, only to find it covered in layers and layers of dust. A good storage facility keeps the facility and everything in it clean and tidy. They should also check and evaluate the condition of your boat periodically and inform you. Make sure your unit is protected from Moisture, floods, and dirt.


It’s always wise to look for a facility that is not far away from your home, making it easy to access your unit without worrying about closing or opening hours. Most storage facilities offer 24/7 access services, but it’s always wise to enquire. Don’t assume.


David Curry

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