Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Your Upholstery

Did you know keeping your upholstered furniture clean and maintained isn’t as hard as it may seem? With a little time, effort, and preventative maintenance, you can feel confident these items will look great for years to come.

While it is a good idea to invest in a professional upholstery cleaning service Lincoln NE once per year, it’s up to you to keep the items looking new and well-maintained on a day-to-day basis. Use these tips to help you do this.

Dust and Vacuum Your Furniture Regularly

Keep crumbs, dirt, and dust off your upholstered furniture by vacuuming it regularly. This will lift away anything on the surface of the Fabrice. Also, by vacuuming regularly, you can help prevent these small particles from getting embedded into the material.

To maintain leather furniture, use a soft cloth for dusting. This will provide the same benefits.

Rotate the Cushions

Flipping your base cushions and rotating your throw or back pillows on your couch can help prevent uneven wear on the item’s surface. If you constantly sit in the same spot, moving the cushions can prevent the foam inserts from developing that unsightly “butt dent.”

Clean Marks and Spills Right Away

It’s a good idea to keep absorbent cloths handy to take care of any spills when they happen. When something is spilled, use your cloth to absorb (not rub) as much of the liquid as you can. After that, use a product to spot treat the area.

If you want to keep your upholstered furniture looking great for years to come, the tips found here will help. With these tips, you can ensure your furniture looks great, smells great, and continues to be attractive for the foreseeable future. Being informed and knowing what to do will go a long way in upholstered furniture maintenance and care.

Clare Louise

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