Tips For Keeping Your Commercial Kitchen Safe

There are over 5,000 restaurant fires in the United States each year. If your restaurant catches fire, you will lose your ability to make money with your culinary gift until the damage is fixed. Rather than dealing with the stress and heartache this can cause, you need to do all you can to prevent commercial kitchen fires from occurring.

The only way to accomplish this safety goal is by educating yourself about common causes of commercial kitchen fires and what equipment is available to put these fires out. The following are some things you can do to make your commercial kitchen safer.

Invest In A Fire Suppression System

A commercial kitchen is usually a very hectic and dangerous environment. When using heat sources to bring your dishes to life, you need to make sure the risk of this natural element are mitigated. In most areas, the only way you can get approved for a business license to open a restaurant is by investing in a hood and a fire suppression system. When these elements are in place, your risk of losing your restaurant to a kitchen fire will be reduced significantly.

Getting the help of a company that specializes in fire detection and suppression New York is crucial when trying to avoid mistakes during this process. These professionals can equip your hood with the right suppression system. Once this system is in place, you need to make sure it is maintained yearly to ensure all of the fire system components are functional.

Install The Right Fire Extinguishers

When trying to protect your commercial kitchen, you also need to consider investing in good fire extinguishers. Class-K fire extinguishers are filled with a chemical designed to put out cooking fires. Having one of these extinguishers handy can help you put out a fire quickly.

With the help of fire protection professionals, you can get the right equipment in place.

Agnes John

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