Tips for Year-Round Lawn Care In Pennsylvania

In a state like Pennsylvania, where the seasons are distinct, you need a different approach for each one to keep your lawn healthy and looking good. There’s more to taking care of grass than just mowing. Here are some seasonal tips.


In the spring, when nature starts to wake up and green things begin to grow, you want to check the pH level of your soil. It should be a neutral 6.5. You may need to purchase some lawn care products Pennsylvania to achieve this. This is also the time to fertilize and use a weed killer. A nice mow and edge will encourage the grass to start growing. Make sure to wash excess fertilizer off walkways.


As the weather heats up, it’s important to adjust your lawn height when mowing. You want it around 2-2.5 inches. If you cut it too short weeds will get more sunlight and grow faster. On average, your lawn needs about an inch of water each day. But during the really hot, dry spells, give it more using extra watering sessions. Water one inch at a time to allow it to soak into the roots.


During the fall, leaves and other debris such as sticks start to collect on the lawn. Rake it off as it will block sunlight that your grass needs. Fall is also a good time to plant seed for next year. Using quality seed will be worth the extra expense.


While your lawn is covered with snow, there is not much to do. It’s a good idea to keep a lawn care journal throughout the year. Winter is the time to review it and figure out what worked and what didn’t. You can then plan for spring.

Caring for a lawn in the Northeast requires changing strategies for each season. By following these tips, you can have a lawn to be proud of every month of the year.

Agnes John

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