Tips to choose the best gold wedding ring sets on her wedding days

How not to be intimidated in finding the perfect gold rings for you? After all, your marriage is sure to have many defining moments, and the alliance is what seals this commitment. It is a lifelong object, and gold is the ideal material when thinking of wedding rings. In the past, it was the groom who was responsible for choosing, but nowadays it is common for men to opt for the engagement ring, and then the couple to make the choice together about gold wedding ring sets. There are so many options on the market that it is difficult to get an initial idea of ​​what to look for.

Have a well-planned budget

Define how much you are willing to pay for the jewelry, so you can already have an idea of ​​options when choosing. Rings with diamonds or with well-known brand design will be much more expensive. It is also important to start your search in advance. It is recommended six months if you want to make any specific notches or custom orders.

Pay attention to the carat

The carat represents how much gold is present in the jewelry, its purity, and not always the best. 24k gold, considered the purest, is very fragile for ring making. The 18k option is considered ideal and also the most common in jewelry production in the country. Putting together 18 parts of gold and 6 parts of other metals is much stronger. 14k rings are 58.3% pure and are a much cheaper option for grooms, but they are also of lower quality.




Choose the perfect colors

There are currently several different colors for your gold wedding rings:

  • Yellow gold – This is the traditional color used in most wedding rings. Its characteristic tone emphasizes the hand, especially for darker skin.
  • White Gold – Perfect for couples who are discreet but want to get away from the traditional. There are some points to consider in this option. White gold requires more maintenance and after a few years will need a new rhodium plating, a procedure that returns the shine of the piece. Contrary to popular belief, it is more expensive than yellow gold because it binds with nobler materials to form silver.
  • Rosé gold – an innovation that represents refinement and grace, and is already a trend when it comes to alliance. Combines with all skin tones and is an excellent choice for those who want a different model without attracting so much attention.

You need beautiful finishing

When it comes to perfect design and innovations, it must have proper finishing. There are several types to choose from:

  • Polished: It is the most common model, after all, most grooms like to see the smooth and shiny jewelry on the finger. Due to the brightness the piece demands greater care not to scratch.
  • Frosted: This sophisticated model is low in gloss and has been brushed to lose its shimmering feature.
  • Diamond: It is the most different of the finishes. It has a surface full of small carvings, like diamonds.

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