Tips to Plan A Honeymoon Trip to Europe

Europe is a popular honeymoon destination with attractive locations and exciting activities to include in your itinerary. This beautiful continent is marooned by waters on three sides and guarded by tall mountains. The numerous countries within Europe have their own unique charm and culture. There are plenty of options available for you to plan an extraordinary vacation. However, planning your trip might get expensive. But with the availability of honeymoon packages on EMI, the cost is no more a constraint to enjoy your stunning honeymoon vacation on the wonderland! Planning your honeymoon can be challenging with multiple options and processes involved. Listed below are some key points to help you plan your trip.

Planning to the T

The first step in planning your honeymoon vacation is to come up with a stunning itinerary. But worry not! Europe is the magical land that has everything in to satiate every tourist’s wish! Here are some of the ideas for your trip.

Europe is famous for its rich and glorious history and every country with its iconic monuments stands as a testament to the celebrated historical significance of the continent. Starting from the illustrious Roman architecture, the royal Buckingham Palace, the ancient Greek monuments, the ethereal Istanbul and the list goes on, for all couples who want to take their love back in time to the Medieval era!

The Scandinavian countries are overloaded with islands surrounded by the pristine Baltic Sea, numerous lakes and picturesque natural views are places to create an extra special and memorable vacation. Beaches are ideal for a laid-back and relaxing vacation. Spain, Italy, Portugal are popular beach destinations to add to your list. There is nothing romantic like a candlelight dinner with the touch of sea breeze under stars shining stars! Not to miss the unrivalled experience of a European cruise.

Get all the Pre-booking done

Pre-booking is the next big step in planning your vacation. Firstly, book your flight tickets immediately after your travel dates are finalised. Booking the tickets well ahead of the travel date can help you save on the ticket expenses. Even though you book in advance for the trip, flight charges to Europe are expensive. However, you can book flights tickets on EMI which will bring down your burden of single-shot payment. Also, book your places of stay and activity tickets to avoid last-minute confusion.

Get ready to pack your bags

Packing is one important aspect of the pre-trip ritual. Check on the climate, places and activities you have planned, and pack your clothes, shoes and cosmetics accordingly. Carry an extra pair of clothes, a first-aid kit and other technology-related accessories for convenience. Ensure that all the travel documents are in place like the passport, visa and other identity proof if needed.

Now you are all set to go and enjoy your striking honeymoon. Still, concerned about your expenses? Then opt for a tour on EMI with Zest Money and enjoy your vacation stress-free!


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