Top 3 Casinos To Visit When Traveling To Las Vegas

The mention of Las Vegas elicits thoughts of grand luxury, big-scale parties, elegant hotels, cash splashing, and good times in anybody’s mind. That’s because Vegas has worked so hard to brand itself as the world’s capital of entertainment. The city’s nightlife at the Strip is a splendor to behold, characterized by breathtaking and colorfully lit streets and buildings. An industry that’s been the backbone of this utopia is the Casino business. It’s not unusual to find a gambling house in every corner of the street. With the countless options of Casinos, many people find it hard to choose as they are spoiled for choice. 

Here are some of the top gambling houses that’ll dazzle you when you take a trip to Vegas. 

Caesars Palace

This Roman-themed hotel is a gem with an aura that oozes elegance. There are countless ways to have fun in this place which include playing poker, numerous table games, and slots. The sports book is a 15580 square foot dedicated gaming floor that has a video wall mounted with plasma screens and LED boards stretching 138 feet wide. It’s a paradise that draws a huge number of fans to watch sporting events such as boxing matches and races. 

MGM Grand Hotel and Casino

From its timeless name to the amazing entertainment that it offers, the Grand is one of the largest hotels in Las Vegas featuring top tier bars and restaurants, a humongous Casino, countless impeccable swimming pools and spas, and a fitness center. You’ll find a plethora of things to do in the vicinity, all of them being under one roof. It’s one of the houses in the strip that has won the hearts of many, with Texas Holdem being the most popular game in the casino.


This magnificent hotel and casino is a must-visit if you’ve planned a trip to Las Vegas. From its grandiose rooms to the beautiful Italian-themed courtyard, Bellagio has attracted many folks from all walks of life, including business people, families, and even couples. One group that has found Bellagio to be like a second home are poker lovers. From amateurs to veterans, they all converge at the casino all for the love of the game. 

Casino secrets you should be aware of –

Now, there are a few things you should note before you start gambling, call them tips and tricks that’ll keep you out of trouble while potentially earning you good money.

Avoid playing against the locals.

It’s quite simple, the locals make their living by playing in the casinos every day. Going against these guys won’t be a shrewd thing to do as they can easily outsmart you. In other words, you are their payday. So how can you tell who’s a local and who’s not? One sign you should look out for is how the people on the table interact with each other, paying keen attention to their body language. Also, if the dealer at the table addresses the other people by name, just do yourself a favor and carry your smart self away.  

High rolling

The question is, how can you be a high roller without rolling high? There’s nothing that raises eyebrows in a casino like huge makers. If you’ve planned on losing a couple hundred dollars, take a maker that’s at least $3000. You’ll start receiving some perks such as a free meal, a free room or a ticket to one of the infamous shows. This is because casinos like high rollers.

High-end drinks for a dollar

Most casinos in Las Vegas give out drinks to gamblers. So you actually don’t have to spend much to drink fine things, just place your bet and wait for a drink.


You have to be aware that every domain has its own rules. Conducting yourself accordingly in a casino is a crucial thing that’ll help you get along with people smoothly. In poker, there are certain boundaries that you shouldn’t cross when at the table – you can call them table manners. Always be aware of slow roll poker moves and mishandling your chip; avoid these two mistakes like the plague. 

Slow rolling

This isn’t the opposite of high rolling; they aren’t even related. Slow rolling refers to the act of intentionally taking a longer time to place your cards on the table or calling when you’re well aware that you’ve got the winning hand.

Mishandling chips

You should always handle your chips carefully and neatly when placing them on the pot; avoid mixing them with your opponents’ chips as well to steer clear of confusion.


Paul Petersen

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