Top 3 Mods for Your Handgun

Smaller and more compact than a full-sized rifle, most handguns are excellent weapons on their own — but what if you’re looking to improve their capability? There are plenty of ways to change nearly any aspect of your gun, but here are three mods for your handgun that never disappoint. This of cause is after having considered your ammo, that is the 380 or 9mm ammo suitable for your purpose

Glock Trigger Kits

When it comes to reducing creep in your trigger, there’s nothing quite like a Glock trigger kit. This simple drop-in mod is easy to install and immediately improves your firing experience, effectively reducing creep and enhancing your accuracy like nothing else. Best of all, Glock kits are made with quality parts and are renowned for lasting a lifetime.

Glowing Night Sights

If you’re looking for an extremely practical mod that can help you in almost any situation, night sights are the way to go. This glow-in-the-dark enhancement illuminates your sights, making them easier to see in the dark. This is a great mod for anyone looking for a subtle but effective way to step up their firing game.

Improved Pistol Grips

Comfort is everything when it comes to steadying your shot and fighting recoil, and that’s exactly what improved grips are designed to do. Aftermarket grips are usually more ergonomic to fit the form of your hand, and many of them are textured for better grip. If you’re looking for a purely cosmetic option, many aftermarket grips come with sleek designs that will make your piece look great.

Handgun mods are all over the market, and there’s no shortage of options for enhancing just about every feature of your firearm. If you’re just starting out with gun mods, try to choose simpler enhancements that are easy to install and change — for any seasoned experts, don’t be afraid to experiment with different mods to test the boundaries of your skill!

David Curry

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